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Jubilee Hills Gang Rape case: Here is what accused said in custody

  • English movies and pornography in web series are the inspiration
  • It is pre-planned and carried condoms to pub
  • Victim’s friendly attitude made them sexually assault her
  • They are minors, but, they are habitual womanizers

Hyderabad: The Jubilee Hills teen gang rape case turned as blindfolded crime story film after police interrogated accused in the custody. Accused appear to be minors but all are womanisers who pre-planned the crime after the completion of their intermediate exams. The cruelty of minors shocked the police during custody who said that English movies and pornography in web series influenced them to do the crime. With the permission of court, minors opened mouth and told police everything what had happened on May 28th.

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All accused became habituated to going to pubs. They went to Amnesia Pub on May 28th where the victim was introduced to them along with another girl. All accused wanted to take them out and sexually assault, before that they started behaving rudely to know how they react. They wanted to take for a date first, but as the victim and her friend walked out of Pub, accused followed along with Saduddin and with deceptive words they made a girl to believe and had taken her to a deserted area in the car and raped.

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Police now confirmed that all five accused have involved in crime, all are kins of AIMIM and TRS leaders. They were carrying condoms and police are enquiring whether the accused bought the condoms before entering Pub or after they left and on the way to bakery and later to the crime scene on Jubilee Hills road no. 44 where the heinous crime took place. Police gave notice to the owners of Mercedes Benz and Innova  cars for giving cars to minors.  Innova belongs to Waqf Board Chairman and as per his version, the minors asked the driver to go away and took the vehicle to the pub. Minors know very well that entry for them is difficult into Pub due to their age; they made booking through a major friend and paid the bills, according to the police.

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Victim’s father found some injuries on his daughter’s neck and questioned her about the friend who accompanied to Pub on May 28th. She told the names of AIMIM MLA’s son and his relatives. Victim’s father received threat calls from MLA followers and later went on to file the case in the PS which brought the case into limelight.

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The minors went out with Saduddin as they walked out of the pub. The victim then was made to believe with deceptive words. He was taken to a deserted area in a car and raped.

The accused seem to have told the police that there would be no entry into the pub as they were minors, so friends who were majors would attend and pay the bill if they gave parties.

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