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Jubilee Hills Gang Rape Case: Role of TRS, MIM Leaders’ sons confirmed

  • Key accused is MIM Corporator’s son who trapped victim
  • MLA’s son abused her in the car
  • Victim’s second statement and custody report of accused confirms the same

Hyderabad: The custody report of day one of the key accused Saudiddin Malik confirms the same with the second statement given by victim in front of Bharosa centre. MIM MLA’s son and the role of  two GHMC Corporators’ sons, Waqf Board Chairman’s son and TRS leaders’ son role was confirmed.

Second statement of victim

Victim came out of pub along with her female friend who booked a cab and left. Victim was staying outside and the friend who brought the victim to the party stayed back at the pub. Accused who are already following victim grabbed her mobile stating that they will book a cab for her on her phone. Accused pretended that her phone signals are weak and promised to drop her at home and made her get into Mercedes Benz. They went to Concu bakery and on the way the accused snatched her glasses, purse and misbehaved with her in the car. From Bakery, they shifted her into Innova by saying that Benz is too small for all of them. With a hope that they would return her phone and glasses, she went into the Innova and later the accused took her into an isolated place and raped her. Jubilee Hills police recorded her statement.

Accused juvenile to be tried as Adults: Police

Hyderabad police are planning to appeal to the Juvenile Justice Board for an exemption to try them as adults. The decision is left to Justice Board to accept or reject the proposal, but police are firm on the move so that the accused could face severe punishment with life imprisonment or even death penalty according to Hyderabad Police Commissioner.

Up to now, six have been arrested in the case and only Saudidiin Malik is said to be a major and all others are minors with age between 16-17 yrs. This move by police was welcomed by IT Minister K. Taraka Rama Rao, who came on twitter which reads” If you are adult enough to commit crime as heinous as rape, one must also be punished as adult and not as juvenile.

Severe criticism and anger against ruling party

There was severe anger and criticism seen against the ruling party. Both public and opposition parties came down strongly on TRS with concern of security for girls and women in Hyderabad. Accused are nephews of TRS and MIM leaders and no action was taken for few days after the incident took place. Even the police failed to trace the vehicle up to June 4th, nearly six days after the horrible crime which triggered national outrage. Home Minister responded on Wednesday, exactly 10 days after the incident, police did not arrest the vehicle owners, RTA did not take action against Vehicle owners for giving car to minors, no action on PUB for giving access to minors, and these are the questions aimed against ruling party. Public are demanding stringent punishment for the culprits.


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