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KCR to Delhi, What about KTR?

  • CM KCR had 5 hours meet with Congress EX MP Vundavalli Aruna Kumar
  • Strategist Prashant Kishor and Harish Rao present at the meet
  • KCR firm on launching party at National level
  • BRS, party name on cards
  • Will get clarity in TRS party Executive meeting on June 18th
  • What will be KTR’s position in state?

Hyderabad: It is clear by now that Telangana Chief Minister, K. Chandrasekhar Rao, will float new national party to oppose the NDA. After a lengthy meet with Congress Ex-MP Vundavalli Aruna Kumar in the presence of political strategist Prashant Kishor and nephew, Minister Harish Rao, signals have been sent to cadre that KCR will announce agenda, party name during TRS executive meeting which will be held on June 18th and 19th. As per Vundavalli Arun words, KCR, requested him to lead party in neighbouring Telugu state, which proposal was smoothly rejected by him, but extended his support for new party against Modi in other words, BJP, at the centre.

Telangana Chief Minister KCR feels, this is the right time to float a political party at national level. KCR has suddenly become a rival to PM Modi for the  past few months for known or unknown reasons. But party sources say the partiality by Centre towards Telangana State in allotting funds made KCR to take a step forward. The party leaders and cadres are starting propaganda and statements against centre for the past few months as a part of the move by TRS Supreme.

KCR met all opposition leaders starting from Mamata, Aravind kejriwal, Stalin, Dev Gowda, Sharad Pawar, etc to gain support. Up to now, he is partially successful, but we have to wait and see what all the parties which will come forward to extend support after knowing KCR’s agenda and his political move.

KCR has magic :  TRS leaders

When Telangana movement was launched in 2001, none believed that separate statehood would become a realty; it was KCR who took first step in T movement and was successful.  The same history will repeat at the centre also, but this will not be done in overnight and we have a long political agenda and will reach the goal as we did in T state movement, say senior TRS leaders, who looked josh after coming to know about KCR’s move to Delhi in few days. Few enthusiastic leaders came forward by saying that it will be perfect convincing move if KCR takes charge of the new front and who knows he might get a chance to become Prime Minister. They quoted Chandra Babu Naidu’s leadership of the United Front. Naidu did not avail of the opportunity of becoming Prime Minister at that time. Our party will be at state level in the name of TRS and at centre as BRS and we will win both, confident cadre believes.

It’s a Promo: Opposition parties

It’s just a drama and promo for next upcoming assembly elections, counters Telangana opposition parties, BJP and Congress. KCR is too clever in diverting people from local burning issues and to cover severe anti-incumbency on him and on party, it is a gamble by Telangana Chief Minister, this doesn’t work and will end as a trailer, strongly felt opposition parties. Starting from Sharad Pawar, Kejriwal and Didi, everyone tried to bring third front against Modi, but could not be successful. It took 10 years for Kejriwal to win second state after UT Delhi, Mamata is restricted to West Bengal, KCR, who is losing ground in his own state, how he can take on a strong leader like Modi, a senior BJP leader felt. It is difficult for him to bring non-BJP parties under one umbrella, KCR does not want the Congress in his group, Kejriwal did not show interest towards KCR, Mamata herself has been trying to project herself as  national leader, forget about these tactics, felt another Congress leader during dharna in front of ED office on Monday. KCR will lose at both state and central level, congress and BJP parties of Telangana state unanimously felt. It is true that anti incumbency is witnessed against TRS in many places and both opposition parties, BJP and Congress emerging stronger. But no one knows what KCR’s steps will be for these which are of special character in Telangana Chief Minister.

What about state, says TRS top leaders

It is good if our leader moved to Delhi, but what about the State and pending issues. We are facing severe anti-incumbency in many places, how can we overcome this? What will be our agenda at State level? Who will lead the State? IT Minister, K. Taraka Rama Rao, is touring all constituencies and trying to solve the local problems and warning sitting MLAs to work harder. “Seats will be allotted as per survey, but not on seniority, and there will be change in names at least for 35 constituencies, you have to prepare for that,” KTR strongly warned in recent meetings held with party MLAs. His rallies and development works are creating scenario giving the impression that he is the future leader of Telangana after KCR, if party wins in next assembly elections. There are speculations that KTR will be made as Telangana Chief Minister before KCR moves to Delhi, but this appears to be uncertain as of now. Unanimous decision from party cadre is not yet attained  and the TRS party is facing anti-incumbency, this is not the right time to take a daring step by party, said another TRS leader. It is better for KCR to focus on Delhi and at state until assembly elections which are due in 2023 and later he can move to centre, said another leader.

KCR, not an ordinary strategist

Telangana Chief Minister, KCR, is well known for his strategies, particularly in politics when time comes. For separate Statehood, he stood against strong leaders like late YSR, Chandrababu Naidu, and had series of meetings with Sonia Gandhi, BJP leaders and leaders of Communist parties to achieve his goal. Every time, he showed his maturity, timing, in getting upper hand against rivals. His clever moves made him to achieve T which was not possible for any other leader in this era. Now his latest move against a strong  leader Modi is surprising all, there might be a plan and our leader jumps into the ring after making all ground preparations and he will be successful, just wait and watch, Pragathi Bhavan sources say.  With late NTR came out with slogan “ Telugu vaddi Aathma Gauravam”, KCR will come with partial towards South and other states, only growth in Gujarat, this will work for us, said yet another TRS leader. Yes, it is just wait and watch time for all parties.

BJP strong with 36%, says PK

Political strategist Prashant Kishor says it is not so easy to beat BJP at the Centre. The vote bank for BJP is gradually increasing and has minimum of 36%, which is surprising. Recent surveys also suggest that Modi is ahead of all other leaders and BJP is going to win for third consecutive term. KCR is mainly focusing on farmers’ issue and as per him BJP is practising divisive politics which is harmful for the country. These two points might be keen in his agenda against Modi. But with Modi looking unstoppable, we have to see how KCR pierces into Modi arena in coming days.

What do electoral norms Say?

All is well for TRS party that their leader will be floating a party at national level, but there are few norms as per EC to get national party status. According to the guidelines of Election Commission, State party should contest at least in four states and secure a minimum six percent of votes or two seats from each state in assembly elections. It can be recognised as a national party, if candidate secures six percent of votes polled in at least four or more Lok Sabha seats in four states or more. But this will be counted if the party wins minimum four Lok Sabha seats.

Parties  like TDP lost the status of national party after 2019 elections, and CPI, TMC and NCP are in queue. AAP lost the national status as well, we have to see how KCR plans to overcome all these and what will be his roadmap in coming days to tide over the situation..


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