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Arnab Gets Interim Bail

  • Supreme Court Grants Interim Bail For Arnab Goswami
  • Justice Chandrachud directs Mumbai Police Commissioner to follow order immediately
  • Advises Maha govt. to ignore Arnab’s comment on TV
  • I don’t watch his channel: Justice Chandrachud
  • Expresses concern over state governments for targeting individuals on basis of ideology and difference of opinion.
  • Directs High Courts to uphold personal liberty

New Delhi: Republic TV CEO Arnab Goswami who was arrested in 2018 abetment to suicide case has got relief from Supreme Court when it granted interim bail. The bench headed by Justice Chandrachud and Justice Indira Banerjee directed High courts across the country to exercise their jurisdiction to uphold personal liberty.

Harish Salve, who represented Arnab argued that FIR was lodged on may 2018 and after filing this, matter was investigated, but the power to reinvestigate has been wrongly used. Justice Chandrachud felt that Maharashtra Govt must ignore Arnab’s comments on TV. “Whatever be his ideology, least I don’t even watch his channel, but if in this case constitutional court’s do not interfere today, we are travelling the path of destruction undeniably”, Justice chandrachud said.

Arnab Goswami was detained by Mumbai police in connection with the suicide case of  Anvay Naik in 2018. According to the family members, around 20 police personnel came in the morning and thrashed Arnab and held by his hair, they did not give time to fresh up and drink water.

As per police officials, Arnab was arrested for abetting suicide of an interior designer and his mother in 2018 and a cases under section 306 and section 34 of IPC were booked against him. He was taken to Raigad police station after he was arrested by police.

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In Alibaugh region, in 2018, Anvay and his mother were found dead with a suicide note which reads the cause of suicide was Arnab Goswami who had to pay INR 5.4 crore for the interior work done to Republic TV office. Later the case was closed in 2019 after the police noted no case was made out as in April 2019 as per the report. Further, his (Anvay’s) wife had campaigned on social media that investigation should be done thoroughly and requested Maharashtra Govt. to look after the matter.

Arnab has been attacking Maharashtra government and the police severely during the investigation of death of Bollywood actor Sushanth Singh Rajput by saying both are lenient in the investigation of the case.

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