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TPCC Chief: Revanth Reddy has chances

  • Rahul cotary in favour of Revanth
  • Manickcam Tagore trying for unanimous decision

New Delhi: The decision on the new TPCC president is creating tremor in Telangana Congress with names of a few leader circulating in social media. This is creating more confusion in seniors who are against the name that frequently seen in social media, that of MP Revanth Reddy.

Seniors express anguish: Senior leaders Komatireddy VenkatReddy was first to fire after hearing the news of Revanth Reddy. He started by saying that party should give preference to seniors, particular for him, who has been in the Congress for decades serving party starting g as an NSUI leader. Other leaders like Jagga Reddy, Sridhar babu, V.Hanumantha rao followed him by saying the party president should be of congress party and not a new person who came from TDP, indirectly pointing out at Revanth Reddy. Sridhar babu is in an idea to shift party if high command gives green signal to Revanth.

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Revanth gets call from Delhi: Meanwhile Revanth Reddy received a call from New Delhi to meet Rahul at 3pm on Wednesday. As per sources from Delhi, Revanth name will be finalised by Rahul as he feels he can rejuvenate the party cadre and he is considered to be financially sound when compared to others. Seniors like Jana reddy may be kept silent by leaders of Delhi for a while.

Now it is clear that Congress leaders in Delhi are in a mood to give post for Reddy community and flights from Hyderabad to Delhi are filled with Telangana congress leaders and cadre to express their feelings to their leaders in Delhi.


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