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Sharmila: YSRTP will create Tsunami in coming days

  • Who is KTR?
  • I am the replica of YSR
  • I am not alone, YSR admirers are with me
  • Will start paadayatra from Chevella
  • Sharmila interacts with media for the first time
  • Her counters and replies get applause from cadre

Hyderabad: Y.S. Sharmila, after establishing YSRTP, for the first time interacted with media at Lotus Pond on Friday. Her answers to the media questions and counters to opposition parties, the way she explained her strategy and the reason  for launching new party in Telangana mesmerized cadre and YSR admirers in Telangana. She showed her seriousness and concerns about the importance of YSRTP in Telangana and asserted  that her  party will create Tsunami in coming days.

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Reason for launching party in Telangana

It is only for welfare of the people, Sharmila said. The main goal is to implement YSR’s ambitions which are left unattended  after his demise. As an activist I respect  K.Chandrasekhar Rao, but as CM he failed miserably. Unemployment, farmers’ suicide are top problems  in the state, what is KCR doing without resolving the issues? she questioned. “I waited for more than 7 years to take a decision, but after observing KCR’s false promises, I decided to start war against him. Where is fees reimbursement? Where are 108 ambulance services? Where is three acre land promise for Dalits? I launched the party to fulfill the ambitions of late YSR, but not because I was angry with someone nor someone denied MP ticket for me in Andhra Pradesh, Sharmila said.

Who is KTR?

When media persons raised a question about KTR, “Who is the real KTR?” Sharmila questioned as if she did not know who he was. However, another leader next door   said that Kalvakuntla  Tarakarama Rao,  oh, she laughed saying that he is the son of KCR. Leaders and media friends on stage also laughed when she heard this.

‘KCR does not respect women, Will his son KTR respect? How many women are there in the original TRS party? How many people contested in the elections? How many have won? How many women have been ministers? Is there a single woman minister..? One is OK; did she win on behalf of TRS party? If not, did you get it from the other party?

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In the eyes of KTR, women should be in kitchen. Do women appear anywhere in the ruling party? If a woman sarpanch comes, will she be given a single chair ..?. In what century are we actually living? ‘ Sharmila questioned. She did not leave minister Harish Rao either. She came up with serious comments by saying that Harish Rao, who got petrol, could not get match box to lit fire. Because of his emotional steps, many youngsters committed suicide during agitation.

Congress backstabbed YSR

Sharmila said that it was because of YSR’s paadayatra and hard work, the Congress came to power in 2004. Party which was about to die  came alive due to the great leader YSR, but what Congress did after his demise? It backstabbed him. The congress leaders who got  YSR’s name listed in FIR are coming forward now to claim his legacy, shame on them! Sharmila was referring to the allegations against her brother, now CM of Andhra Pradesh, Jagan Mohan Reddy, in which some mentioned late YSR’s name as one of the accused. Congress was ruling in the  State and at the Centre at that time.

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What for Huzurabad bypoll?

Does Huzurabad by-election benefit anyone? Will jobs come to unemployed? Will Dalits gets 3 acres of land? If so, then we will contest in the election, Sharmila said. The bypoll is because of revenge politics between two leaders and not for the welfare of the people, she replied.           

 I am the arrow of people

 I was educated here, I grew up here, I begot children here. I know everything about the traditions of Telangana. I represent two different regions. We are beyond religions and castes. Do not attribute religion or caste to me. I am only the arrow of the people of Telangana. Not an arrow left by someone. Saying that 12 per cent reservation will be given to minorities, KCR could not increase it to at least 5 per cent. There is nothing that YS did not do for the betterment of minorities. I will do more for minorities than YS,” Sharmila said. “Don’t be afraid that the lioness is single. I am not alone. People of Telangana are with me,” Sharmila said.

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Paadayatra from Chevella, YSR’s sentiment

Sharmila said that she will start her paadayatra from Chevella in coming days, the place which proved lucky for her father. “I will stand for the ideology of my father and will deliver more than what YSR delivered, if given chance. Party will continue whether I am present or not, because the name YSR is enough to run it,” said Sharmila  who looked confident about party’s bright future. “I don’t need Jumping Japang leaders, I will create leaders from the cadre. KCR has not achieved anything  in past 7 years and misused opportunity, we will fulfil the dreams of YSR,”  Sharmila said. “Both BJP and Congress are parties that are sold out. We are the real opposition party for TRS. TBJP President Bandi Sanjay says that they have proofs on the corruption of KCR, but does not  produce the proof.  This clearly indicates that they are sold out,” Sharmila said. She lashed out at all the parties- TRS, Congress and BJP- and tried to establish herself as a serious player in Telangana politics. Her first meet with media has created some seriousness political atmosphere in the State and political parties which took YSRTP easy are now left in dilemma after viewing Sharmila’s resourcefulness at the media conference.

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