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“Recognize ‘zero’’

We talk about positive and negative things but ignore the neutral point ‘zero’. We forget that everything is relative in this world and this relation can be measured only with reference to the point zero between the positive and the negative. Apart from its importance in Mathematics and other sciences, it is very important in all matters related to life. These days many people are talking about positive vibrations and negative vibrations. It is said in a temple we get positive vibrations and look of some people (disti) has negative vibrations.

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People say, ‘Be Positive’ as if it is in the hands of a person! A person’s nature and consequent thoughts and behaviour are all based on his genes which he inherited and his circumstances which shape his personality right from childhood. Very rarely we see people overcoming the influence of genes and the society in with they continue to live.

It is true that there are people like Dr Ambedkar, Lal Bahadur Sastri, Abdul Kalam whose strong will to come up in life made them great. With determination, ability to withstand hardship and single minded devotion to their work they could come out of the web of circumstances in which they were born and bred up. It is obvious that mere desire or intention to be positive cannot make one positive.

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A person feels happy or sad depending on the experiences he has in the course of his life. It is a natural response to the happenings. There are many incidents and happenings that make us neither happy nor sad. Then we remain unconcerned or without any feeling. In other words we maintain neutrality or be at the point of zero emotion. An ordinary person cannot be at zero emotion when he is concerned. He feels restless or bored. For him something has to happen – good or bad. In other words positive or negative.

Only people who have no desire or expectations in life i.e. people like sanyasis who renounced the world, yogis who have control over their minds, saints with knowledge of metaphysics can only remain at the neutral point or zero as the duality of the world in the form of positive and negative does not exist for them. That is living as a drop of water on a lotus leaf about which Lord Krishna said in the Gita.

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Rajendra Singh Baisthakur
Rajendra Singh Baisthakur
Rajendra Singh Baisthakur had been a Lecturer in English. He is a poet, critic and translator. His interests are Literature, Philosophy and social media.


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