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Neela Devi mediates between Jeeva and Paramatma

  • 18.Undhu Madha kalitthan

Transliteration of 18th Pashuram

Undhu madhakalitran, odhaadha thol valiyan

Nandagopalan marumagale! Nappinnai!

Gandham kamazhum kuzhalee! Kadai thiravaai?

Vandhengum kozhi azhaithana kaann! Maadhavi-p-

Pandalmel palkaal kuyilinangal koovina kaan

Pandhaar virali! Un maiththunan per paada-ch-

Chenthaamarai-k-kaiyaal seeraar valai olippa

Vandhu thiravaai magizhundhu-el or empaavaai


His army has thousands of elephants

Nandagopa, strong warrior is never defeated

His niece, Neela, with fragrance spreading plait

Please hear the wakeup calls of the Rooster and

Amidst leaves & fruits the nightingale’s sweet tweets

One hand on Him and a playing ball on the other

We praise your lover Krishna, walk with anklets sounds

And open doors with your lotus hand of golden bangles

Yesterday Goda and Gopikas could wake up Yashoda and Nanda Raja. They could not ask Krishna to get up. They realized that they should first approach Balarama and Neela Devi, niece of Yashoda & Nanda, before asking Krishna.  Neela is holding Krishna with love on one hand and a ball on the other. She must have played ball games with Him all through the night. She is not disturbed by the wake up calls of Rooster at regular intervals, nor did she hear the sweet sounds of nightingale happily sitting on the creepers amidst flowers and fruits.


Several lakhs of Earths like this are called Andam as a group. When such Andams are joined together it is called Brahmaandam. He is the Hero of several crores of such Brahmandams. Entire Universe is under her protection, even when at the end of the creation. 

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Neela is very beautiful. Wonderful fragrance is spreading from her well-decorated hair. Her anklets are making gentle sounds as she moves on in style. When she extends her lotus hands, the golden bangles are spreading the bright lights. Goda is asking Neela to arise and open the doors to shower the generosity to recommend Krishna to bless them.

Mediation between Jeeva, Bhagavan

Neela is called Nappinna. She mediates between Jeeva and Bhagawan. The God might be strict in the interest of His children, but it is the Mother Neela that helps the Bhagawan understand the merits of her progeny and bless you. She is the link between the Jeeva and Brahman. Unless she is pleased it is difficult for progeny to get His grace.

Hanuman could not find Sita in Sri Lanka in spite of his best efforts.  Thoroughly frustrated, Hanuma for a moment goes into depression and thinks of ending the life. But, recovers soon as he realizes that such a senseless act would fail entire mission of uniting Rama and Sita. Unless they are together Jeevas cannot gain the grace of God. Shoorpanakha desires Rama alone, attempts to separate Rama from Sita and suffers the consequence. Ravana desires Seeta alone, takes away Sita and meets the end besides witnessing complete destruction of Lanka. Hanuma serves Rama, but only after meeting Sita, becomes a complete devotee.

The crow-demon

Lakshman wanted to join Rama in exile. But he did not accept. Then Lakshman approaches Seeta to recommend, and succeeded. Kaakasura the crow-demon harasses Sita when Rama rested in the lap of Sita. Angry Rama uses a piece of grass as Brahmastra targeting the demon. Demon approaches Lord Brahma and Lord Shiva, but fails to secure the life. Finally he surrenders to Sitha, who recommends Rama to save his life.

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According to Harivamsham, an Asura Kaalanemi has six sons. They are called Shadgarbha, Six fetuses. They were attempting to do penance for death-less living. Hiranya Kashipu was the king of demons at that time. He prohibited worship of other Gods and imposed duty to penance meditating about him, proclaiming himself as the God.  Hiranya Kashipu curses the six sons to die in the hands of their father only.  To comply with the curse, Kaala Nemi takes next birth as Kamsa, and kills his siste- Devaki’s sons.

Undhu Madha kalitthan

Who is Neela?

What Bhu Devi (Goddess of earth) is to Varaha and Sri Devi (Sita) to Rama, is Neela devi to Krishna. Neela Devi took avatar as Nappinnai, daughter of Kumbakan (brother of Yashoda) and Krishna won her hand after conquering the seven ferocious bulls of her father. Nappinnai’s brother is Sudama. Sri Parasara Bhattar describes Krishna, intoxicated by her beauty, as “Neela thunga sthana giri thati suptham”. She is called Nappinnai in Tiruppavai and Dravida tradition. She is equated with ‘Radha’, Radharani’, or ‘Radhika” in north India.

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Swami Desikan in Yadhavabudhayam narrated the story of Neela and how Krishna got married to her. When Nappinnai is born, the happy Kumbakan purchased seven identical male calves from the market. He wanted to raise seven along with his daughter. He also makes a vow that the young man who controls these seven will get her hand in marriage!’ A miracle happened. Those seven calves were grown into adult bulls overnight as Asuras entered their bodies. Seeing them in barn Kumbakan was surprised. The bulls started to torment the people and Kumbakan was unable to control.  Soon Nappinnai turned three years old when Yashoda visited her brother along with a five year old Krishna. ‘Your son is very beautiful! I can see that He will turn into a handsome youth. I wish I can promise Nappinnai to Him but I made a foolish vow that I will give her hand in marriage only to the man who can control all seven bulls tied in my barn,’ said Kumbakan. ‘Uncle, don’t worry,’ said Krishna, ‘I will subdue those bulls this very second!’ Kumbakan laughed at the sweet child but was terrified when Krishna went in search of the bulls. ‘Yashoda stop your son! I am afraid that He might get hurt!’ As Yashoda and Kumbakan rushed to the barn they found that Krishna had killed all seven bulls with one blow! ‘What a marvel!’ exclaimed Kumbakan. As promised he gave Nappinnai in marriage to Krishna but as they were only children, Kumban allowed Yashoda to take Nappinnai with her so that she could raise the two together.  The Veda sings the glory of Goddess Nila in Nila Suktam.

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Krishna marries eight women. One is Naajna Jithi. He married her after binding up seven Bulls. It is said that Neela and Naajna Jithi are one and same.

Ramanuja worshipped Goda, meditated on Tiruppavai and Nappinna Piraatti, i.e., Neeladevi.  One day he was meditating about Neela and knocked the door of Mahapurna, his Guru. Guru’s daughter Attullayamma opened the door. He thought it was Neela and fell unconscious in ecstasy. Maha purna tells his daughter that Ramanuja saw Neela in her. Ramanuja is known as Tiruppavai Jeeyar.

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Prof. M. Sridhar Acharyulu
Prof. M. Sridhar Acharyulu
Author is Dean, Professor of law at Mahindra University at Hyderabad and former Central Information Commissioner. He published a number books in English and Telugu.


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