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Modi: Have to run the government to build nation

  • Not for next Government
  • I respect critics a lot
  • Tokyo 2020 has been India’s finest so far
  • Building world class Medical Infrastructure
  • Political betrayal when it came to Adhaar, GST and farm laws
  • PM Modi expresses the above views in an interview to Open Magazine

New Delhi: I respect critics a lot while asserting that a Government has to be run to build the nation and not to build the next Government, PM Narendra Modi said in a special interview to open Magazine. ‘Unfortunately, the number of critics is very few. People only level allegations, the people who play games about perception are more in number. And the reason for this is that, for criticism, one has to do a lot of hard work, research and in today’s fast-paced world, may be people don’t have time. So, sometimes I miss critics’ Modi  added.

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Model of Politics should change

PM further said that so far there has been only one model of politics in which ‘governments were run to build the next government.’ My fundamental thinking is different. I believe we have to run the Government to build the nation. The tradition has been to run the government to make our party win but my purpose is to run the government in a way to make our country win, PM Modi said.

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Satisfying moments in 20years of governance

When asked about satisfying moments in his 20 years of governance from being Chief Minister of Gujarat to beint the prime minister, he came up with recent example of India’s performance in 2020 Tokyo Olympics. “In the last few months, I got to meet and interact with our Olympic  and Paraolympic heroes. Tokyo 2020 has been India’s finest so far. Yet, naturally there were several athletes who did not win the medals. When I met them, they were lamenting their inability to win medals. But each of them only has praise for the efforts of our nation in supporting them in their training, providing  facilities and other kinds of assistance. At the same time they were determined and energised to give their best to win more medals”.

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About handling Covid-19 pandemic

“India has an unparalleled ability to unite, find a common purpose, come together, and a tremendous capacity to deliver when need arises. This is the biggest lesson we had learnt during pandemic in the country,” PM said. From being a net importer of PPE kits, we have now become one of the biggest manufactures across the globe, Modi said. We need to strengthen our efforts for building world-class medical infrastructure, he further said. It can’t be done by adding more beds or rooms; it needs skilled and trained medical personnel. Over the last seven years, we have been actively working towards this. From six AIIMS in 2014 , we are now building 22 AIIMS, from around 280 Medical colleges in 2014, now we have 560. We are also working on launching a massive scheme to boost health infrastructure that will address a lot of legacy issues, PM further said.

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On agricultural laws

When questioned about protests of farmers regarding three controversial laws, Modi said that those who are opposing these laws are displaying intellectual dishonesty” and political betrayal. These were the same people who wrote letters to Chief Ministers asking them to do the exactly same thing that our Government has done,” PM said, “those were the same people who wrote in their manifesto that they would enact the same reforms that we have brought. Yet, just because some other political party, blessed by the will of the people, is enacting the same reforms, they have made a complete U-turn and in a brazen display of intellectual dishonesty, completely disregard what will benefit the farmers and only seek what they think will benefit them politically” Modi said.

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One could see the same “Rajneetik Dhokhadhadi” (political betrayal) when it came to Adhaar card, GST, farm laws and even crucial matters such as arming the country’s security forces.” Promise something and make arguments for it but oppose the same thing later without any moral fibre, Modi said.

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