Monday, September 4, 2023

Lawlessness prevails in Khammam Municipal Corporation Office

  • Private persons of the officers sitting the chairs of officials in KMC chambers
  • Prime Post unearths the disorder in KMC with photos
  • Outsourcing employee encroached government land in first division
  • Governance invisible in KMC

Two photos carried by the Primepost in this news item showed the anarchy in the state of affairs in Khammam Municipal Corporation. It is a classic example how the urban bodies were so disorderly, messy and disarray in the state of Telangana. The private employees of revenue officers, revenue inspectors and bill collectors are ruling the roost in the premises of municipal corporation offices.

Satish and Naresh, employed by Revenue Inspector Lokesh and Bill Collector Jagadish attending to a woman’s problem.

How the private persons, who are not even outsourcing employees, are dictating terms on behalf of regular officers is the story of the Primepost. The photo visible in the column show two persons sitting on a table and a woman approaching them to solve her issue pending in Khammam Municipal Corporation (KMC) office. The State government built new office building at Gattaiah Center and it was inaugurated eight months back.

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The name of the person sitting straight direction is Naresh and the name of another person sitting opposite him is Sathish. The chair that was occupied by Naresh is official seat of P Lokesh, revenue inspector of KMC. Both the Naresh and Sathish are not even outsourcing employees of KMC and they are working as private employees of revenue inspector Lokesh and bill collector Jagadish. The two private employees of the two officials are allegedly being paid Rs 15,000 each per month. Where such an amount of money to pay the salaries to the private employees is coming from is quite interesting.

Sathish is the brother of Sandeep, official personal assistant of Municipal Commissioner and the person is in the rolls of outsourcing employees. The chamber the two persons sat on official chairs is adjacent to the chambers of deputy municipal commissioner and revenue officer G. Srinivasa Rao.

In the past, the popular English daily Deccan Chronicle carried series of articles on the disturbances going on in Khammam Municipal Corporation. The different officials of KMC including revenue officials and bill collectors are engaging private persons.

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Vigilance and enforcement team from Regional Joint Director from Warangal investigated the disorder in the appointment of outsourcing employees. On the other hand, it was found that outsourcing workers S Nageswara Rao and B Sunita created false PTIN (property Tax Identification Number) to the government properties. An official in registration office told the Primepost that some of the persons tried to create false documents on 1200 square yards located adjacent to a private land in Kaikondaigudem in first division and tried to register the land on the name of six persons. The officer, who raised a doubt on the transaction, sent a team to the location, found government land there and dismissed the transaction. The cheaters, who suspect further action on these transactions, de-activated the false PTINs to save their skin in the scam.

It is evident that one of the outsourcing workers encroached government land adjacent to the government high school in Ramannapet. These private employees settled the issues and disputes of various property holders pertaining to the tax assessment. (eom)

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