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Election fireworks more in AP than in Telangana

  • Lokesh Padayatra goes on
  • Naidu is in Projectla Baata in Rayalaseema
  • Pawan shifts his residence to Tadepalli house
  • T-has only three months time, AP 8 months
  • Congress’ proposed bus yatra is yet to start in T
  • Kishan Reddy is slow in campaign
  • KCR is using assembly to explain BRS programs

When compared to Telangana, the election campaign has begun much ahead of its schedule in Andhra Pradesh. There were only three months time to the assembly elections in Telangana and eight months time to Andhra Pradesh.

TDP’s  young leader Lokesh’s padayaatra is in the middle and he is addressing public meetings every day and trying to blame Jagan government for all the hardships in Andhra Pradesh. TD superemo Nara Chandrababu Naidu commenced Projectla Baata in Rayalaseema claiming it because of him that irrigation projects in Rayalaseema had lot of water. “Jagan showed negligence about irrigation projects, particularly in Rayalaseema”, he said.

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Though AP Chief Minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy had not commenced the election campaign, he is using government programs to expose the blunders that were committed during Babu’s regime. He referred to the disgrace of attitudes of Nara Chandrababu Naidu, Lokesh, film actor cum Hindupur MLA N Balakrishna and Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan towards women. Jagan is trying to convince the people that these leaders had no character or respect for the women.

Such euphoria is in low key in the political discourse in Telangana. Congress party, which discussed about Bus Yatra with senior party leaders, is yet to organise it. The proposed meeting of Congress in Mahabubnagar on the occasion of joining of former minister Jupalli Krishna Rao and others got postponed due to incessant rains. BRS and its leaders are giving priority in giving statements against Congress and BJP. Chief Minister K Chandrasekhara Rao used assembly sessions and tried to explain the welfare schemes being implemented in Telangana. Farmer loan waive and merging of RTC in government are exposed in the sessions.

BJP new president G Kishan Reddy had not yet started full-pledged campaign. The enthusiasm that was visible during Bandi Sanjay’s stewardship is somehow missing now. (eom)

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