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Jagadodharanaadisiyadale Yasoda

SreeRagam 26

A mother is a universal personification of love and compassion…Mother of the Paramatma himself, Lord Krishna, Yashoda, unoblivious to the fact, expresses her motherly affection and concern for her child in this timeless kriti of Saint Purandaradasa in Kapi raga.

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Lord Krishna as her baby, enamoured her with his mischief.
Purandaradasa explicitly expresses his devotion for the Lord in this memorable kriti in Kapi raga.

Kapi is a truly mesmerizing raga that enthralls our soul with the alluring swaras. The heartfelt impact it creates is phenomenal.

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As a janya raga of 22nd Melakarta Kharaharapriya, Kapi has acquired a unique distinction in the realm of Indian classical music.

Kapi raga was first mentioned by King Sahaji in his book Ragalakshanamu and later by Tulaja in the musical treatise Saramrutha.

Kapi is one of those ragas that had undergone various modifications over the years and evolved into a unique janya raga with an identity of its own.

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Aarohanam (Ascending) :  S R2 M1 P N3 S’
Avarohanam (Descending) : S’ N2 D2 N2 P M1 G2 R2 S

Kapi has an ascending pentatonic scale but an uneven descending scale of all seven swaras, is known as audava – vakrasampoorna raga. And the inclusion of Kakalinishadam (Ni) and Antara Gandharam (ga) makes it a Bhashanga raga.

Rag Pilu is the Hindustani equivalent of Kapi raga. Pilu raga of Hindustani classical music is mostly heard in the folk tunes of northern India. It reminds us of the earthly smell after the initial monsoon rains, offering respite to the parched soul.

Kapi raga

It is usually rendered in slow and medium pace or kala. Kapi raga is popular choice for a ragamalika.

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Kapi evokes the mood of karuna, bhakti and pathos. It is suitable for depicting a variety of emotions.

Music therapy

A few years ago, research was conducted to validate the positive  influence of indian classical ragas on our health.
It was observed that Kapi raga influences the attention capacity of the brain and promotes brain functions. It helps us to alleviate stress and discomfort.


TyagarajaKriti – Neevallagunadoshamemi, IntaSoukhyamani

Venkatchalapate – Deekshitar

CharanamuleNammiti – Ramadasu

BhajaMadhavam – Mysore Vasudevachar

Javo Mat thum – Swati Thirunal

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Film music

Kapi raga in its various derivatives has been a favourite of film music composers.


Pilachinabiguvatara from the old classic Malleswari  is a typical example of Kapi raga. Its enchanting swaras in the melodious voice of Bhanumathi find true expression. The lyrical and musical combination is alluring and timeless.

Another memorable song from Malleswari is ‘Kothibavakupellanta’, a satirical comic number is also in Kapi.

Deva devadavalachalamandira is a devotional song from Bhukailas set in Kapi raga.

Eedivilovirisinaparijatamo is a romatic song from the movie Kannevayasu rendered by SP Balasubramanyam. It remains as one of the finest songs of SPB in Telugu film industry.

The variety of genres to which Kapi raga is implied denotes the versatility of the raga. It may be romantic, devotional or comic, Kapi imprints its hues to all the moods.

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Pinjre de vichqaidjawani byNoorjehan from Gul Bakavli is a vintage classic song

Prabhuji tum rakholaajhamari by Kanan Devi is a memorable tune from the movie Hospital in Pilu raga.

Ri Gori, KaheGumanKare is from the movie Tansen, by Saigal

These are a few among the repertoire of old classics.

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Sreelakshmi Avadhanam
Sreelakshmi Avadhanam
Sreelakshmi Avadhanam is a journalist, content writer, freelance translator and is trained in Carnatic classical music. She also holds a Master’s degree in music. Playing the Veena and singing have been a part of her life since childhood. She also performs on stage whenever an opportunity arises. 



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