Saturday, June 15, 2024

PIL in SC on dead bodies in Ganga

New Delhi: A petition has been filed in the Supreme Court to intervene and do something about some hundred dead bodies  that came floating in Ganga river. The bodies are suspected to be that of the victims of Covid-19. The bodies were found floating at Buxur in Bihar and Ghazipur and Unnao  in Uttar Pradesh. Neither the prime minister nor the chief ministers of Bihar and UP said or did anything about the bodies.

It was requested that the apex court appoint a special investigation Team (SIT) to find out the details of the bodies and who were responsible for the state of affairs. A Public Interest Litigation (PIL) has been filed on Thursday. According to the petitioner, 71 bodies were found in Buxur district of Bihar and about 30 bodies were seen in Ghazipur ditrict  in UP. Some bodies were found in Madhya Pradesh too. The petitioner requested the court to find out who the poor people who died and whose bodies were dropped in Ganga river.

The governments of Bihar and UP did not register any FIRs, the bodies have been fished out and buried on the bank of the river. No postmortem was done. The police and government officials disposed of the bodies without knowing the details. The bodies were in a decomposed state. Sanjeev Malhotra , the petitioner, has requested the top court to get the bodies dug out and get them identified. He suspected the death of the poor people was not natural. He wanted the court to know the truth.


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