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Journey to see Tirumala is a pleasure

Goda’sTamil Paashuram








Aa vaaEendruAaraindu Arul-el or Empaavaai.

Sridhar’s English Translation 8

As east brightens, cattle start to graze tender grass.

Moving along with birds, and young kids.

Instead of calling each, we stopped all to drive

To Him and calling you, the God-loving girl.

Awake dear and join us to get God’s gift of Parai.

Krishna, who tore Keshi’s mouth apart & killed Chaanura- Musthika

Prostrate & Pray before the King of Gods,

O Girls, come He will bless us with all compassion.

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Goda says determining to travel to reach God itself is a pleasant thought. Goal is good but the travel equally is a happy process. If several people travel together to reach God’s place, it will be a great pleasure. Godasays the journey of a Jeevi after death towards the abode of God (Archiradi), Journey of Akrura to Nanda Vraja village to invite Sri Krishna to Mathura, and journey to Tirumala to have darshan of Lord Venkateswara are the pleasant journeys greater than the destination. The thought of journey or the determination (sankalpa) for journey gives great joy. Goda says such a journey with a team is a greater joy. She preaches in this ‘greater joy of going together for good deeds and for God. 

Awakening Nammalwar

Goda is awakening the third Gopika and Nammaalwaar here. She refers to Guru Mantra “AsmatSarvaGurubhyonnamah”, saluting all Gurus. Having great interest in Bhagavan, His devotees – Bhagavatottama, and in all who love Bhagavan, symbolises Nammaalwaar- when Goda says ‘KodukulaMudaiPaavaay’. In the 7th song she referred to KulasekharaAalwaar and in 6th song her father Periyaalwar. 

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Goda knocks at the doors of a Gopika, who is inside her residence: With gradual rise of pre-dawn brightness, the cattle started to graze the dew-covered tender grass, along with young cowherds. Instead of calling all of them individually, we stopped them to divert to Krishna’s palace. We want you also to join us and hence we are standing at your doorstep. Krishna, the wonder boy has torn the mouth of Keshi, the demon in the form of Horse, defeated and killed wrestlers Musthi and Chaanura, the rogue elephant Kuvalayapeedam, and pulled out its tusks. Balaram and Krishna carried a tusk each on their shoulders and entered Raja Sabha.  Krishna pulled down Kamsa from the throne and killed him with his punches. He did all this in his teenage itself.  I know you have deep interest in reaching Lord Krishna. Then, why don’t you get up, we all shall sing his praises and seek gift of Parai (Dakka- music instrument) as promised. 

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Mushtikaasura is a symbol of unsatiated desires while Chaanura represents anger (Krodha).   Keshi is embodiment of Ego. Kamsa deputes Horse Demon – Keshi to kill BalaRaama and Krishna. Horse was happy when Krishna thrust his hand into his mouth. Demon thought it was easy to eat out the hand. But Krishna increased size of the hand suffocating him to death. Some fools open mouth only to eat and do not open to ask for the knowledge. But Krishna can open it to more than its size. Only through the generosity of Krishna, one can get relieved of Kama, Krodha and Ahankara.

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Upanishads say that five Indriyas 1. Vision (caksh-indriya), 2.Hearing (shrotr-indriya), 3.Smell (ghrān-indriya), 4.Taste (jivh-indriya), 5.Touch (kāy-indriya) are five horses of desires that pull the chariot of ‘human body’ in five different and opposite directions. If the reins of mind are placed in the hands of wisdom, the chariot will reach the goal; otherwise, it will break into pieces.

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Madabhushi Sridhar

Prof. M. Sridhar Acharyulu
Prof. M. Sridhar Acharyulu
Author is Dean, Professor of law at Mahindra University at Hyderabad and former Central Information Commissioner. He published a number books in English and Telugu.


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