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Tamil Paashuram-4
AazhiMazhaikkanna! Ondrum Nee Kai Karavel
AazhiyullPukkuMugandhuKodaAatthu Ari
OozhimudalvanUruvam Pol MeyKaruthu

Paazhiy Am Tholudai Padmanabhan Kaiyyil
AazhipolMinni  ValampuripolMinruAdhirndhu

ThazhaadheSarngam Udiatha  Saraamazhai Pol
MargazhiNeeradaMagizhndu-el or empaavaai.

English Poem 4
Rain God Varuna, continue to shower and
the cloud comes down to usurp ocean water to fill itself
to pregnant with water becomes dark, like Krishna.
Lotus in the navel, weapons in His two strong hands
Lightning Disc and Thunderous Conch
Like his bow fast releasing stream of arrows.
raining heavy to enrich and rejuvenate the world,
Come on, friends, let us bathe in Margali Rain.

Goda repeats her sermon about bathing in Margali month. Tiruppavai is also called SnanaVrata, the mission with many baths at early hours, without fearing the morning cold and shedding the laziness to praise and pray to God not for any selfish gains but for rains to help whole the countryside to prosper.

We do not say “Rain Rain go away”, but we invite clouds to come again and rain. Each dark cloud is like Krishna. He is described as Neela Megha Shyama. Vishnu We SahasraNaama describes Him as MeghaVarnam and GaganaSadrusham.

Goda says, no, the cloud is God Himself, God of Cloud or Varuna. Be benevolent and rain on all without any dearth of your kindness. God of Cloud, you will go nearer to Ocean, absorb the salty water, fill the belly full, move heavily in the sky, and as Vishnu bears on his two strong arms – on the right, the lightning Chakra – the Disc and on the left –the thunderous Shankha (Conch), while His Shaarnga, the powerful Bow, releasing arrows, you shower the streams of rain. 

Vishnu’s navel is the place of a lotus, wherefrom Brahma emerged. Being God of Gods, Vishnu rains bliss all over. Goda calls for her friends to take Margali bath in sacred water rained by Vishnu.  Rain is the real source of wealth of all villages. Rain does not make any difference between the haves and havenots, higher or lower castes or status. It equitably rains on all without any discretion.

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Prof. M. Sridhar Acharyulu
Prof. M. Sridhar Acharyulu
Author is Dean, Professor of law at Mahindra University at Hyderabad and former Central Information Commissioner. He published a number books in English and Telugu.


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