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Y.S. Sharmila: Is there political vaccum for her party in Telangana?

  • Sharmila may float party on May 14th or July 8th
  • Busy  holding talks with leaders of all Telangana districts
  • Is there really space for her party in Telangana, is the question

Hyderabad: The announcement of Y.S. Sharmila’s entry into Telangana politics created stir in the State. Sharmila said that after her father’s demise, there is vacuum created in Telangana and she wants to fill it by bringing ‘Rajanna Rajyam’. All is OK with her statement, but political analysts say that is it really needed to float a party in Telangana which is saturated with political parties like TRS, BJP, Congress, AIMIM, CPI, CPI (M), and TJS etc at this moment. They also question that, if she really wants to bring Rajanna Rajyam, why was she silent all these years without making a single statement on TRS until now.

Family disputes not an issue :

YSR loyalists who came to Lotus Pond on Feb 9th to meet Sharmila felt that the family dispute is not the main reason for her to float a party in Telangana. If it is true, she would have launched it in Andhra Pradesh, but not in Telangana to counter her brother, AP CM Jagan Mohan Reddy.  Sharmila said that she had blessings of her brother, then where is the question of disputes, said YSR loyalists, Same sentiment  was echoed by BJP l and TRS leaders in the State.

Can she get entry into Telangana Politics?

Yes, say the political analysts. Everyone has a right to float a party, but there should be proper agenda and outside for a party when it goes into public. YSR’s followers are in large numbers in Telangana who are now in TRS, Congress and BJP after YCP was confined to Andhra Pradesh. Will these leaders join her  after she announces party, is the million dollar question, said a senior analyst. Few made allegations that she was promoted by Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandra Sekhar Rao for the sake of split in anti-establishment votes. These allegations are made  mainly by BJP and Congress leaders which were not even condemned by TRS leaders.

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TRS leaders react slowly :

When Sharmila came out strongly daying that there was no fee reimbursement or Arogyasree in Telangana which did well during her father’s regime, not even a single TRS leader condemned her statement on the day. Sharmila even reminded that farmer wss King during Rajasekhar Reddy’s  period, but now they are starving without proper crop insurance and loans. These allegations against TRS rule were condemned in a delayed process by ruling party leaders. They came out with an argument that Sharmila does not belong to Telangana and her origin is Andhra, once again raking issue of sentiment rather than replying to her claims. Gangula Kamalakar from Karimnagar district said that if Telangana people  give space to Sharmila now, slowly Jagan and later Naidu will enter Telangana and ruin the atmosphere and may try for reunite Andhra Pradesh.

Sharmila busy with district leaders :

Y. S.Sharmila is busy with meetings  at Lotus Pond. She completed one round of talks with Nalgonda, Khammam, Hyderabad, Ranga Reddy leaders. Countering  the allegations that she is from Andhra origin, she said that she is   daughter-in law of Telangana  and people will keep her in their hearts as YSR’s daughter. Party cadres have plans to takeout a huge rally  from Hyderabad to Khamamm and expecting a positive grand welcome to her. Khammam visit has been  postponed as the MLC elections code is in force. There are no major leaders with her , but once the party is announced,  senior leaders from all parties may join her. YSR’s vote bank is 6 to 7% in Telangana and if  she starts walkathon, vote share may increase by the time of elections and may become ‘Game Changer’ said a political analyst

We have to wait and see how things change in Telangana politics, once she floats a party and comes into public.

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