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GHMC Results: TRS or BJP, Who Won?

Seats and vote share increased for BJP

TRS happy with numbers

Only Revanth Reddy saved cong even in single digit

Hyderabad: GHMC results are still slowly coming , but the  trends as per now show, TRS will be the single largest party ending with 70-75  seats and BJP around 27 to 30 seats and MIM around 38 to 40 seats in the final stand.

Is it a win for TRS?

This is a difficult question to answer. TRS sources are happy with the outcome of the results and figures as of now. The century number, as said by their main leaders is out of reach, but now they are opening mouth by saying they were in a tense that will miss half way number too after witnessing a mammoth campaign by opposition. But analysts say it is a warning bell for the ruling party from main opposition BJP and from public.

BJP did extremely well

It is the BJP which succeeded in GHMC elections by all means. The campaign went on electrifying with road shows of national leaders, controversial comments to irk opposition parties, particularly TRS and MIM worked well. The saffron party has got more seats and more vote share and emerged as the main alternative to the BJP in Telangana bypassing the Congress. Now it is clear, BJP has arrived in Telangana and is going to play a crucial role in next assembly elections.


No doubt the MIM party has  lost a minor vote share when compared to 2016 elections. But still it is unbeatable, dominating party in old city as per trends and results. The Owaisi brothers, for the first time, faced a jolt from their community during campaign, but on poll day, all were united and voted for them, which made AIMIM captains happy.


The problem with congress party is internal fight, which has been going on for a decade and things look to be unresolved even for next upcoming assembly elections. There was no unity seen in Dubbaka or post-Dubbaka bypoll results. Even during campaign, leaders just came and went out without any purpose. The seats won by the party are only due to the leadership of Revanth Reddy as per analysts.

TRS, BJP, Both won

It is fair to say both parties won at the end of the day. With TRS facing severe anti-incumbency on one side along with Dubbaka defeat, maintained everything very well till the end of the polling day. The road shows of KTR worked for the party or else it would have been  in a big hole with less than 50 seats. Party is also successful in facing BJP’s stream of national leader’s campaigning in the elections and in giving a fitting reply to critics in the city.

BJP, on the other hand, should be thankful to govt. employees and senior citizens for their votes.

There is an indication that Telanganites favoured BJP and settlers TRS in this GHMC elections. This is a point to be observed with TRS losing touch with their core members.TDP, Jana Sena and communist parties could not impact the elections. The Jana Sena cadre voted for BJP in a few areas but not en masse as expected.

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