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Dr Bhaskara Rao presents books to Vice President Venkaiah Naidu

Dr. N Bhaskara Rao, Founder Chairperson, Centre for Media Studies, New Delhi,  presented two books authored by him, ‘Rejuvenating the Republic’  and ‘Next Big Game Changer of Elections in India’ to the Vice President, M Venkaiah Naidu at Upa-Rashtrapati Nivas on Friday. Dr. Rao’s wife and daughter also were present on the occasion.

The book ‘Rejuvenating The Republic’ has been dedicated by the author to the Vice President  M Venkaiah Naidu. It emphasises the need for correctives in politics, governance and development. The author says, “Dedicated to Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu, Vice-President of India, who has been concerned with and relentlessly reminding the nation about the much needed and wide-ranging correctives in politics, governance and development – the only way to rejuvenate the Republic.

As India prepares to celebrate the 75th year of the Republic, what is a realistic assessment of our progress? How far have we met our goals? Do we describe it as “work in progress,” or a “glass half empty” view? These and many more such relevant questions have been tackled in this book written by a person who has been striving in research and study of public policy for five decades. Former Union Minister and Member of Praliament Suresh Prabhu wrote forward for the book.

Dr. Bhaskara Rao and family meet Vice President M. Venkaiah Naidu

Suresh Prabhu wrote, “There should not be any disagreement with Dr. Rao that the Republic needs to be rejuvenated with multiple initiatives. One need not agree with all his suggestions, though some deserve to be debated and others followed up. Those in party politics and aspiring ones should have an understanding of the complexities of the country, as dealt with in the book. It aims that the next six general elections should accomplish more than what the 17 elections have so far. The book helps in taking the concerns forward.

The book ‘Next Big Game Changers of Elections in India’ suggests a new framework for elections as a compulsion to consolidate the republic. The author attended a round table conference of intellectual at ASCI in Hyderabad in the third week of August to debate on  the book which focused on the way the election campaigns have got degenerated over the years. Dr. Padmanabhaiah, chairman of ASCI, Dr. Jaya Prakash Narayan of Lok Satta, Dr. Ponnala Lakshmaiah, former minister of undivided Andhra Pradesh, Prof Kodand Ram, chief  of Telangana Jana samiti, Prof Nageswar, former MLC,  Prof Chinnaya Suri of Hyderabad Central University, Dr. Tripuraneni Hanuman Chowdary, Dr. P. Mitra, intellectual, Prof. Madabhushi Sridharacharyulu, former Central Information Commissioner and presently dean of law at Mahendra University and Dr. K. Ramachandra Murthy, a journalist, participated in the discussion.  


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