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Rajya Sabha is no longer the House of the States

The Constitution  created the Rajya Sabha to  represent  the States.  Membership was  mostly according to the  population of each State. Only a resident of the state could be  elected by the State Legislature to the Rajya Sabha. Unfortunately, this situation has been totally changed .

2. Dr Manmohan Singh  could not be  elected to the  Lok Sabha but  he was to  become the Prime Minister as nominee of Her Majesty Sonia  Gandhi.  A fraud was resorted to. Manmohan Singh hired/purchased  a residential house/ flat in Guwahati and got himself  enrolled  in the electoral register of Guwahati. Thereby, he qualified to be a member of the  Rajya Sabha from  Assam. This fraudulent device was thereafter adopted  by many parties  including the Bharatiya Janata Party. This fraud became so widespread that the rule that only an elector from a state can be a member  of the Rajya Sabha  to represent that state has  been  removed.

3. Now there is a free run to the Rajya Sabha. The beneficiaries included persons like  Sri Venkaiah Naidu, Smt.Nirmala Sitaraman, Dr. Subramanian Swamy, and many others. It has now become a place for accommodating defeated  or unelected politicians and regrettably, millionaires and business men.  For eg:  in AP a Reliance Industries functionary  was given  a ticket to the  Rajya Sabha. The latest is the YSRCP of  Andhra   Pradesh is sending  two people from Telangana to the Rajya Sabha . These  are  R Krishnaiah of Telangana the permanent face of the  BC  reservation movement   and S. Niranjan Reddy, a lawyer from Nirmal in Telangana. Obviously they will not represent the interests of AP but for certain considerations not yet disclosed these two  are being sent from AP to the Rajya Sabha. So now Rajya Sabha is full of  either rejected or defeated politicians or money bags or some of the  benefactors for the  ruling party in the states.  BJP has no strength in Kerala, Tamilnadu and Andhra Pradesh but it has a Keralite and Tamilian elected to the  Rajya Sabha from BJP ruled  states and they are ministers in the  Central Cabinet. Similarly one person from AP  elected from some other statem (UP)  is a BJP member in the Rajya Sabha. So, it is not Rajya Sabha any longer. It is any body’s Sabha so converted to serve party and personal interests.

Dr T.H. Chowdary
Dr T.H. Chowdary
Padma Sri Awardee 2017, Director: Center for Telecom Management & Studies, Chairman: Pragna Bharati, Andhra Pradesh, Fellow: Tata Consultancy Services, Former Information Technology, Advisor: Government of Andhra Pradesh, Chairman & Managing Director: Videsh Sanchar Nigam Ltd, Phone: +91(40)27843121 (Res) M: 9849067359, e-mail: [email protected] [email protected]


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