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Narasimha Rao’s popularity soared with his books on personality development

Innaiah Narisetti from USA

Challagulla Narasimha Rao was a long standing friend of mine and my wife Komala. When he lived in Vijayawada I introduced several persons to him including Chief minister Bhavanam venkataram Reddi. As education minister Bhavanam met him and had interesting conversations.

C Narasimharao participated in humanist study camps where I spoke. CN was multi-faced dynamite . He ventured to go into film field and produced a movie Harijan. But it did not click.  Narasimha Rao was quite popular with his journal REPU, a  Telugu psychology magazine.  He also started another magazine but stopped since it did not click. He was closely associated with Nagaraju of Commendo journal.

Narasimha Rao’s popularity was immense when he published Vyaktitwa Vikasam, a psychological study  Alapati Ravindranath, Editor of Misimi, published the articles of Narasimha Rao.

After reaching a stage he stopped REPU magazine He shifted to Hyderabad and settled. Jyothi, Narasimharao’s wife,  is the daughter of Das, a retired head master. She was solid supporter of Narasimha Rao. Their only son Harsha evolved as strong supporter of father in all ventures

After settling in Hyderabad, Narasimha Rao cared for democratic values and became critique of chief minister Jagan Mohan Reddi’s regime.


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