Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Thank you, Dr. Chandrakant

I was tested Covid positive. With Dr Chandrakanth’s miracle medicine, I recovered from fever in just one day. After twp weeks, I went for  test.  Now my report is negative. Once again, thanks to Dr Chandrakanth for the miracle medicine 

Great thing about Dr Chandrakanth is his love for people.  Because of his busy schedules I did not call him. But he called me every day morning and evening to guide me. 

He gave medicines to all my family members.  My wife tested positive and she is normal now. My two sons’ reports are negative. All because of Dr Chandrakanth.

Dr Chandrakanth is from my village and he is my sister’s classmate.  With his inspiration my father made me to apply for APRJC. It changed my life.

Now, Dr Chandrakanth’s  herbal medicine and his guidance saved my life from Covid without any health complications. In fact, I enjoyed many movies in the last 14 days in Netflix, because his medicines prevented health complications 🥰

Thank you,  Dr Chandrakanth

-Vanga  Rajendra Prasad

Director, State Bank Rural Self Employment Training Institute,  Sangareddy

Author of ‘Money Purse’


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