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Bowenpally Kidnap Case: Sensational twists & turns

  • After all, Praveen Kumar’s father Kishan Rao, Bhuma Nagireddy , AV Subba Reddy were partners
  • After the demise of the two partners Subba Reddy tried to grab the land
  • Akhilapriya hatched a conspiracy to occupy 25 acres

Hyderabad:  Bowenpally kidnap case took sensational twist with names of persons and connections with the land coming out slowly in police interrogation.

Bhuma Nagi Reddy (late) and Kishan Rao(late), father of former hockey player Praveen Rao, were close friends. They both jointly purchased 50 acres of land in survey No. 80, Hafeezpet.  A.V.Subba Reddy was right hand for late Bhuma Nagi Reddy when he was alive. A.V. Subba Reddy knows well where Nagi reddy’s properties are as he was  one of the close aides of Bhuma Nagi Reddy. Kishan Rao( Praveen’s father) registered land to his son Praveen Rao. At that time, Kishan Rao, Bhuima Nagi Reddy and A.V.Suba reddy moved closely regarding  all assets related to 50 acres. Out of 50 acres, 25 acres were named as “A.V.Estates”. But Praveen changed the title to K.S. Estates (KISHAN RAO ESTATES) after the demise of Kishan Rao.

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In September 2020 , Subba Reddy tried to trespass the 25 acres under the name of K.S. Estates and a complaint was filed against him by Praveeen in Miyapur court. The other 25 acres of land is still in the name of Bhuma’s family members jointly. Akhilapriya tried to grab the other 25 acres under her name which led to the kidnap.

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Kishan Rao, Subba Reddy and Bhuma were close friends until both Kishan Rao and Nagi Reddy left this world.  But Subba Reddy, after the demise of other two partners, tried to enter the field which led to dispute between him and Akhilapriya. Telangana HC recently came out with a statement that land under Survey no 80 does not belong to Telangana Government. After the court hearing faction groups moved fast to acquire the land under their name as it is a prime property worth hundreds of crores of rupees.

Until now, Subba Reddy was claiming that he has no hand in the land scam, but this news will certainly push him into trouble.

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