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Rare Palm Leaf Manuscript (Replica) inscription deciphered by MyNaa Swamy

Kadiri (Sri Sathya Sai District-AP); February 25: Inscriptions were typically written on stones, temple walls or copper plates. It is remarkably unusual to find inscriptions on palm leaves. Historian MyNaa Swamy explained that.. a palm leaf manuscript inscription(replica)dating back to 1474 CE and detailing Sri Veeranjaneya Swamy temple at Palapati Dinna,13 km from Kadiri in Sri Sathya Sai District of Andhra Pradesh.

 Patra Ramakrishna of Kadiri, has requested MyNaa Swamy to decipher and analyze the inscription. This inscription consists of two thick palm leaves stored in a bamboo box. One is small and the other is large. Patra Ramakrishna a member of the Patra caste and native of Palapati Dinna village in Nallacheruvu Mandal.

The historian has found that the inscription was written by Praudha Devaraya II, the son of Virupaksha Raya II, from the Sangama dynasty, who ruled the Vijayanagara Empire. Inscription was written in favour of Somi Naidu, the Chief (Guru) of the Patra caste, on Magha suddha Dwadasi Thursday, in the Jaya Nama year of 1474 CE. MyNaa Swamy revealed that Praudha Devaraya appointed Somi Naidu as a clan chief (Guru) in the Kadiri Kutagulla area of Eramanchinadu in Penukonda Rajyam (kingdom). Patra Somi Nyudu had to look after the management of Siva Temple and Veeranjaneya Temple at Palapati Dinna,  added.

Siva Prasasti: The Siva Prasasti Palm Leaf (Replica) is a large document and containing Slokas about Lord Siva as Bhairaveswara,historian disclosed. MyNaa Swamy said that.. upper part of the document features the most beautiful colour images of Bhairava, Sivalinga, and Anjaneyaswamy. The text is in Telugu and Sanskrit languages. Chandragiri Mallikarjuna Swamy Temple near Tirupati and Veeranjaneya Swamy Temple at Palapati Dinna were figured in the text. He mentions that the Siva Prasasti document details the rituals and prasadams of Veeranjaneya Swamy,Revanasiddha Guruswamy etc.,.

Siva Prasasti manuscript was written by Adinarayana Swamy and copy was prepared by Ranganayani Narasimha Nayudu, approximately 150 years back.

MyNaa Swamy
MyNaa Swamy
Myna Swamy's full name is Mylaram Narayana Swamy. A senior journalist who was a correspondent for Andhra Prabha, Indian Express, Andhra Jyothy, Ujwala and Subrabhatam. He is also a short story writer and novelist. Lepakshi is his latest book which received acclaim. It is being translated into English, French, Hindi, and other languages. His Forte is history. Mobile No: 9502659119


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