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MyNaa Swamy appeals to protect the Penugonda Fort Building inscription

 Penukonda (S.S.dist), July 9: Historian MyNaa Swamy appealed to the authorities of the Archaeological Survey of India to protect  the ancient inscription describing the construction of  ‘Penukonda Fort’, which played a pivotal role in the Vijayanagara Empire.

Bukka Raya 1 inscription 1354 AD on the Fort wall of North Gate in Penukonda

Swamy has identified that an important inscription was broken and Fort wall damaged at the north gate of Penukonda fort. After visiting the site  on Sunday, the historian released a press note.  MyNaa Swamy has expressed grief that the inscription, which is not only the lifeblood of the historiography of the Vijayanagara kingdom and Penukonda but also an eyewitness, was broken and that there was a pile of garbage. He urged the officials of the ASI, to take up repair of the inscription on the wall block inside the northern entrance of the fort. He said he will write a letter to the Director General for immediate action.

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Details of the Inscription: After capturing Penukonda Seema, which was a part of the Hoysala kingdom, from Veeraballa III, Bukka Raya was appointed as the first regent. Then maha mandaleswara Bukka appointed his eldest son – Vira Virupanna, as the King of Penukonda. The construction of the Fort began in March 1354 AD. A very strong fort was built around Penukonda.  MyNaa Swamy explained that the inscription states that Anantarasu Odayar was the Prime Minister of Penukonda Sthala Durga. ‘Namastunga Shiraschumbi Chandrachamara Charave’.. is the first sentence of the Sanskrit hymn-Shiva Stuti-in the inscription. Titles of Bukka Raya, Hoysala kingdom, construction of Penukonda fort, Veera Virupanna etc mentioned in the inscription. The historian said that the eight-sentence inscription is in Kannada.

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MyNaa Swamy
MyNaa Swamy
Myna Swamy's full name is Mylaram Narayana Swamy. A senior journalist who was a correspondent for Andhra Prabha, Indian Express, Andhra Jyothy, Ujwala and Subrabhatam. He is also a short story writer and novelist. Lepakshi is his latest book which received acclaim. It is being translated into English, French, Hindi, and other languages. His Forte is history. Mobile No: 9502659119


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