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Amravati’s Failure: Can Naidu explain?

• Why only section of landowners and rich support Amravati?
• Why rest of AP indifferent?
• What are the reasons behind Jagan’s decentralisation plan?
• Here are a few findings at the ground level

Amravati: After the State of Andhra Pradesh was bifurcated on 02 June 2014 into AP and Telangana, Hyderabad was named as joint capital for 10 years, by which time AP should have its own capital. The committee appointed by the Centre headed by Sivaramakrishnan, to suggest various alternatives for the new capital for AP submitted its report in August, 2014. It clearly warned against establishing green field capital by destroying fertile lands, especially in Krishna-Guntur region. The committee also said, decentralization of the development is the best option and for capital, small piece of land is enough, that too where Government lands are available.

Naidu possessive about Amaravati

But the then chief minister, Chandrababu Naidu, ignoring the facts, had got a resolution passed in the Assembly that Amravati would be the core capital, without any assessment on social or environmental impact and without consulting any experts or public organisations before making the statement. He even came up with sentiment that Amravati will be a world class city, and would surpasses Hyderabad.
But the real problem started when CRDA plan with financial, healthcare, Education and Technology clusters were published. Naidu said earlier that he won’t repeat the mistake happened in Hyderabad like developing 9 sq. km and development will be decentralized in AP.

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CRDA given full powers

Naidu gave full powers to CRDA to acquire, sell, transfer, grant licenses or alienate the land. Singapore Companies which worked on master plan came to a conclusion that 3000 acres of land is enough in the capital region. Even the planners from Surbarna Consultancy of Singapore have mastered Vaastu principles and provided an axis to channel positive energy from Kanakadurga temple across Krishna and also followed Vedic principle of having a Brahmasthan( Silent Center)-a central open space in two decentralized modular towns.

But Naidu did not make that MOU available in public domain; even the MOU with Singapore consortium was not made available under Right to Information Act (RTI) and went blindly on his own.

Where is decentralisation?

To counter all these, Naidu came up with decentralisation plan promising, Sports Hub in Vizag, Financial Hub in Vizag, and with different names of hubs across AP , in cities like Kakinada, Rajahmundry, Nellore, Kurnool, Anantpur, Tirupati etc. But after completion of CRDA Master Plan, Naidu shifted all these hubs into CRDA zone, once again misguiding AP people. He came up with an idea to decentralize in Capital Zone to benefit his crony group, just what he did in Hyderabad, near Hi-tech city. There was a heart burn in the people of Uttarandhra and Seema region.

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What the Present CM is doing?

AP CM Jagan Mohan Reddy is coping with all the damage done by previous Government regarding Capital issue. The plan of decentralization, which was tooth and nail opposed by the TDP, is moving forward. It would have been better for the TDP, if they stuck to the same plan from 2014-19, but made one particular community to benefit most from Amravati Real Estate Project.

Farmers should be protected

Farmers who gave land for the capital near Amravati should be benefitted at any cost. The land which was fertile farm raising three crops a year has been destroyed with roads and constructions. It cannot be used for agriculture now. For the mistake done by political parties, farmers should not be made scapegoats. Leave alone the prices and real estate hype created by Naidu during his regime, it is better for them to be on safe side for future generations.

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Intellectuals to the rescue of farmers

Mediation is a must between the government and the farmers to explain that past is past and to arrive at an agreement as to how to move forward. Now that the AP Govt. is firm on decentralization and might take decision in coming months with Vizag as Executive Capital, it is time to start negotiations with the farmers. Amravati farmers are not in a mood to listen to political leaders. Intellectuals should intervene and try to solve the issue with amicable decision, which will be appreciated by AP people and will help state to move forward in coming days


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