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Jnana Soundarya, the beauty of wisdom attracts Krishna

Tiruppavai 11

Goda’s Tamil Paashuram

Katru-K-karavai Kanangal Pala Karandu

Setrar Thirial Azhiya-ch-chenru Seruchheyyum

Kutram Onrimillada Kovalar Tham Porkodiye

Putrarawal Gul Punamayile Podaray

Shutrattu Thozhimaar Yellarum Vandu Nin

Mutram Pugundu Mugil Vannan Perpaada

Shittade Pey Shade Shelvappendaatti Nee

Yettukk Uragum Porul-el or Empaavaay.

Madabhushi Sridhar’s English Poem 11

Many cowherds milking the Ever-young cows.

Also, the brave warriors beating enemies at their place,

Born in a clan that was never short of any,

beautiful like cobra-hood, with peacock colours

O lady of golden grace, Join friends and relations,

We all are waiting at your front yard to sing of Krishna,

O Lovely woman, respond to our pleas,

Wake up from sleep to join us for Sri Nomu.

Goda says Krishna is attracted by Jnana Soundarya, the beauty of wisdom, while physical beauty attracts ordinary males.  Goda in 11th Song is trying to invite a beautiful devotee who is Krishna-Premi and Krishna Premika. Gopikaas in Vrepalle could not bear the separation from Krishna even for a minute.

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Sri Krishna is embodiment of love. His touch energises, enthuses and enlivens. His affectionate treatment of Cows was a divine happening in Vrepalle every day.  Every cow there looks young and healthy. Each cow had a calf. How is that possible? Because Krishna used to touch each cow with undefinable affection, feed it with deep interest, take it for grazing and on return tie it up personally. Hence each cow remained young and gave plenty of milk. Cows were completely devoted to Him.

The Cows – each of which has calves. They are milking their young, like calves. Each of cow and calf is looking strong, healthy, bright, and happy because of the touch of Krishna. They look and act younger than their real age. Cowherds are experts in milking the cows. They can take milk from millions of cows very fast.  At the same time, they are warriors who can suppress the enemies at their place. They are sinless and innocent because whatever they do, they do it for Krishna. No sin attaches them because of this reason, i.e., they do not do it for their selfish purposes.

Krishna does not have any enemies for Him. But the enemies of his devotes are His enemies; Yadavas also do not have any enemies, but the enemies of Krishna’s devotees are their enemies they do not have any enmity with any. Here Goda is teaching us that we should do everything for Krishna to be free from Sin and consider none as enemy. And one who fights Krishna is our enemy.

The Gopika whom Goda approached today is beautiful, devoted, like a golden creeper who crawls on the support of Krishna.  Her charmful hair dressing is compared to that of a peacock with its colourful spread without any fear, and Goda describes that her curvaceous figure is like that of a cobra spreading its hood gracefully.  Krishna is Megha Varna and Gagana Sadrusha, looks like sky or cloud.

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Goda prays to the Gopika: We all assembled here in your front yard singing about Krishna to draw your attention. O Beauty come with us so that Krishna will come to see you and we all can have His Darshan.

With His Darshanam, Gopikaas enthral while the Sparshanam of Krishna enlivens cows. Nitya Suris in Vaikuntham enjoy perpetual youth as if they are in twenties always. It is because of Krishna’s proximity.

When Ram defeated Ravan

It is stated in Raamayan that Dasarath was 64-thousand-year-old, but in presence of Raama he used to feel very young.  Raama is graceful towards enemies also. Raavan who abducted Raama’s wife was defeated during the Raama-Raavana battle. Raama goes to Ravan’s Lanka and His arrows made Raavan disarmed, his crown and chariot destroyed and the charioteer dead.  He lost everything. Then Raama said, Oh King of Rakshasas, you are tired enough. Now retire to your palace, rest, and come tomorrow to face me again.  Goda told in Tiruppavai that reveals heroism of Rama. She explained also, the brave warriors beating enemies at their place.

Similarly, the Yadavas, who are proud of being in the clan of Krishna, are capable of disarming the enemies in their own place. They are proud of being associated with Lord Krishna.

The Gopika is enjoying in getting immersed in the thoughts of Krishna. Goda says: We came to you rushing, as the peacocks reach out to the sky studded with clouds. As we praise cloud-coloured angel Krishna, we expected you to join us. But you are dumb. Not spelling even a single word.

In this Paashuram Sri Poodatta Aalwar is being awakened.

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Prof. M. Sridhar Acharyulu
Prof. M. Sridhar Acharyulu
Author is Dean, Professor of law at Mahindra University at Hyderabad and former Central Information Commissioner. He published a number books in English and Telugu.


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