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YSRTP launched

  • 50% reservation for women
  • Importance to BCs, SC , ST, minorities

Hyderabad: YS Sharmila, YSRTP leader, has promised to give fifty per cent reservation to women if her party comes to power. She demanded reservations for the BCs in Assembly and Parliament. She said her party would give top most importance to the BCs. Sharmila said a Dalit woman Mariamma was killed in prison in KCR’s rule. SCs and STs would get importance in her party. She said the credit for giving four per cent reservation to minorities goes to YSR.

YSRTP flag hoisted

Sharmila with mother Vijayamma

The YSR TP has been launched at a function in Hyderabad on Thursday, which happens to be late YSR’s birth anniversary. The party flag also has been hoisted at JRC Function Hall at Jubilee Hills. YS Sharmila declared that she is establishing the party to bring back ‘Rajanna Rajyam.’ Welfare, self-reliance and equality were the cardinal principles scrupulously followed by her father YSR would be the main guidelines for her party, she said. She said her party would honour  the persons who participated in Telangana movement. KCR who gave sweets to the chief minister of neighbouring State (Andhra Pradesh) could have spared  two minutes to discuss water problem. She said she would not allow one drop of water that belongs to Telangana to be taken by others while, at the same time, she would not take one drop of water that belongs to other States.

Sharmila listed the welfare measures implemented by her father without considering caste, creed or region. She said in five years of rule YSR has filled one lakh posts in government sector and11 lakh jobs in private sector. The government run by Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhara Rao is borrowing money left, right and centre but the poverty remained as it was. Only KCR’s family members have managed to enrich themselves. She castigated KCR for his inept handling of Covid-19  and for not including corona infection in Arogya Sri. KCR promised free education but got the schools closed. Every heart in Telangana echoes YSR’s name.

Self-respect is more important

Issuing rice as ration is not welfare. But the people need work to be able to live with self-respect. KCR is, she said, a cheat who deceived the unemployed by promising unemployment allowance but did not pay a paisa. People are committing suicide in Telangana unable to repay debts. Telangana is full of debts. The State government had borrowed four lakh crores of rupees as loan in the seven years of rule. Where did the money go? Into whose pockets it went?

Vijayamma speaks

Sharmila ridiculed the Congress leader for keeping quiet when the TRS leaders were attacking YSR. She also criticized the BJP saying that Bandi Sanjay always indulges in petty talk. She said she and her party are the true representatives of YSR. If voted to power, we will give good governance, self-respect to the people and all-round development.

YSR loved people above caste, religion or region. His policy was to identify the needs of different sections of the people and fulfill them. Women who are half of the population are lagging behind.

Vijayamma becomes emotional

Vijayamma, Sharmila’s mother participating in the meeting as chief guest, became emotional while talking about her husband and children. She said her husband and children are not thieves. They are pure like crystal who served the people whole heartedly. She said YSR is living in the hearts of Telugu people. Congress leaders are praising YSR artificially. If they truly love him why was he painted as a criminal? A leader should give confidence. On hearing the news of demise of YSR, more people in Telangana than Andhra died of heart failure. YSR used to tell me that if he can give water to irrigate every acre, he would be blessed. YSR always thought of people’s problems and their solutions.

Vijayamma recalled the days in which Jagan Mohan Reddy was falsely implicated and put in jail and she had to send her daughter Sharmila on Paadayaatra to cover 3,200 km. She said she felt very bad at that time. Now that Jagan Mohan Reddy is in power in Andhra State, Sharmila chose to take care of her father’s legacy in Telangana. She said she is entrusting her daughter to the people of Telangana and requested them to take care of her.


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