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You know all, we know nothing

Tiruppavai 28- GodaGovindaGeetham

Tamil Pashuram




KuraivOndrumIlladhaGovinda! Undrannodu




Iraivaa, Nee ThaaraayParaiy el or empaavai

English Poem

Cattle lead us to forests for grazing, we eat with them,

We, cowherds know nothing, but eat and roam around,

But are blessed to have the Bliss called Krishna among us,

Govinda, the completeness without any blemish

The incessant relationship with you

No worldly wisdom, does not know how to call,

Please be kind and not angry for calling small names,

O, Lord, Give us love, boons and blessings.

What do Goda and Gopikas desire exactly for this thirty-day Vrata of Tiruppavai? She is yet to spell out. Goda reached Him, had His Darshan and chance to sing His glory. They sought certain things which are closely associated with Vishnu, so that Vishnu will be with them only. They asked for Parai, that symbolizes tool to take them beyond this physical world. We do not know any Vedas or shastras, know no Yoga. We do not know any mantra or tantra. We have no knowledge or studies.

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We get up for cattle, they graze, and we eat, they do not take bath and we also do not. We return home with them. They are our leaders; we do not walk in their front but simply follow the animals. The only fortune we have is that You are born amongst us, You are living with us. You are movingand eating with us and talking to us. You give us what we deserve, we don’t even know what to askfor. You will give what we need.

In this pashuramGopikas say, we are the simple cowherds and for us the cattle earn our daily food, we have no intelligence, except wonderful fortune of having you. You are the truly unblemishedGovinda, you are short of nothing. You are a complete personality. We have the bonds and relationship with you that can never be broken. Being small and innocent, we might have called You with small names.We might have taken liberties with you addressing you in singular, so please pardon us. Oh Lord, please grant us the “parai” boon.

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Six simple steps to reach Him

ChinnaJeeyar Swamy explains the philosophy in a very simple manner. He says six points are needed: 1. We should make it clear that we did nothing to seek the fulfilment of desires. 2. We have no eligibility or capacity, and we are deficient. 3. We should agree that the Lord has completeness to be benevolent with us, though we have defects. 4. We have inseparable relationship with Him. 5. We should pray for forgiveness. 6. We should show our anxiety and deep desire to have the chance to serve Him. If one does not have these six qualities, he cannot reach Him.  Sri Bhashyam proposes six requirements in the following words.

  1. I have not done anything that can take me nearer to Him.
  2. Not at all eligible, did many wrongs, very small being, undeserving.
  3. If I have any Punya, I believe that it was because of the grace of God.
  4. We have nothing else except relationship with Him.
  5. I seek apology for my past mistakes.
  6. We have no other alternative except Him.

Goda made it easy to attain liberty. She laid these simple steps to reach Lord VaikunthaNatha.

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Prof. M. Sridhar Acharyulu
Prof. M. Sridhar Acharyulu
Author is Dean, Professor of law at Mahindra University at Hyderabad and former Central Information Commissioner. He published a number books in English and Telugu.


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