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Unwarranted fear of Corona costs one’s Life

It is ironical and unfortunate that the progeny who live aboard taught their parents living in India to be extremely careful of corona and not move outside the four walls of their house.

During the pandemic some people followed extra caution which is quite unwarranted. Because of this behavior and also being senior citizens it affected their health adversely.

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Owing to their absolute sedentary life, people who were healthy before the pandemic became ill. Persons who were already heart patients lost their lives.

The point  I am driving home is that one can follow precautions to be away from corona but some people died not because of corona, but to avoid corona they unknowingly invited trouble that caused  their death.

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Narasimha Murthy Chaturvedula
Narasimha Murthy Chaturvedula
CLN Murthy did his M. Tech chemical engineering in NIT Warangal and worked as Scientist in the field of Modelling & Simulation in CSIR-IICT, Hyderabad and retired.


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