Tuesday, May 21, 2024

UK lockdown as new variant is ‘out of control’

  • UK PM Boris announces lockdown from Dec 20th to 30th
  • All Christmas celebrations cancelled across country
  • Non essential shops and business closed

London: UK announced lockdown after it found new strain of corona virus which is said to be deadly and out of control. UK Health Minister Matt Hancock termed it as unfortunate and to get it under control the only option left is a lockdown. PM Boris declared the cancellation of all the five day Christmas celebrations as planned earlier.

The statement came after the surge in cases witnessed due to the new strain of the virus-VUI202012/01.However, the PM said that there is no evidence until now to suggest it is more lethal or it causes more severe illness and the vaccine will be effective or less against the new variant will be known in coming days. After coming to know the news about new variant and the spike in cases, many European countries like Belgium, Germany, Netherlands and Italy imposed travel bans on all incoming flights from UK and South Africa.

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As per the statement from officials, it is spreading at a rate of 70% faster than the previous mutant which is a worrying factor for all the countries. Brexit schedule was postponed which was to happen on 20th.

Indian Government called for an emergency meeting Monday afternoon to assess the new Covid strain and steps to be taken to control the spike in country if it is transmitted.

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