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Covid-19: Indian vaccine will be more effective than any

  • Vaccination will be voluntary
  • Antibodies will develop two weeks after second dose
  • Will be released only after regulatory bodies give clearance

New Delhi: Health Ministry clearly indicated that vaccination will be voluntary and not mandatory. Addressing to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), Health Ministry felt that Indian vaccine will be more effective than any vaccine of other countries. The complete schedule of anti corona vaccine is advised irrespective of past history of infection, Health Ministry further added.

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It may take time to develop antibodies, nearly two weeks after second dose. It limits the spread of the disease to the close contacts including family members, friends, relatives and co-workers and for this, it was advisable to receive the complete schedule of the vaccine, Health Ministry added. Amid speculations in the states with dates circulating on covid vaccine, Ministry clarified that vaccine trails are at different stages of finalisation and soon date will be announced for launch of vaccine.

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Vaccine will be introduced and released only after regulatory department clear it based on efficacy and safety, however there may be common side effects like mild fever, pain etc at the spot of injection. As per Ministry, two doses of vaccine are required, 28 days apart and top priority will be given to cancer, diabetes, hypertension etc which are considered to be high risk. Based on vaccine availability for50 plus age group may also begin and eligible beneficiaries will be informed through registered mobile number which shows the availability of health facility where vaccination will be provided.

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