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Prashant Kishor and Telengana

There is great excitement in the dynasty-led leadership of Congress and KCR parties. They hope that Prashant Kishor will get them a victory through a magic trick. News has come out that Prashant Kishor will guide Congress and KCR  to victory and  glory, riches, power and continued  splendid living. Power in India confers great privilege. The minute a British prime minister resigns office, he does not even have a Government security guard. But in India, after a Chief Minister  loses office, nothing changes. There will be the same style of life.

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Politicians in India hate to lose office.  When you are in office, you are treated like a god and you can spend government money as if it is your own. Sycophants and rich favor seekers will get you anything. The Nizam of Hyderabad had less power than a Chief Minister. The Nizam had to be very careful. If enemies of the Nizam defeated him, then he would have to run away for his life. But if a Chief Minister loses, he still enjoys everything, except the company of sycophants .  

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In India, Prashant Kishor has now become a hope for politicians who have no ideas or confidence left. Kishor says he has the Gayathri mantra for elections, which will finish enemies and win elections. But Kishor’s   clients are still silent, whether they have hired him and what is the deal. It is like a family that  feels they have managed a great “ marriage proposal ‘ and they don’t  want others to know or they may spoil  it. Relatives and neighbors may defame the bridegroom.

The Gandhis of Congress  and KCR  are silent. But there is a triumphant air and victory on their faces. Now they have found a savior! Is Prashant Kishor  a great sadhu who will help you or someone like Swamy Nityananda, who ran away from India?

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Some facts about Prashant Kishor :

  1. Prashant Kishor has only non-Hindi politicians as clients. His clients are Tamil Nadu’s Stalin, Bengali Mamata Banerjee, Telugu KCR, Telugu Jagan Mohan  Reddy , may be Marathi Thackeray and Sharad Pawar. There is no Hindi  leader who is his client.  
  2. Why only non-Hindi leaders hire Prashant Kishor?
  3. Prashant Kishor chooses strong and rich parties. Prashant Kishor will not choose a party that looks weak.  In Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, there was great anti-incumbency against  the then governments. They would have lost anyway. In Bengal, in May, 2021 election, BJP went up from 3 MLAs to 77. The fact is that Mamata Banerjee won, but the BJP did not lose.
  4. Prashant Kishor will advise dropping big number of sitting MLAs. The old political system will be thrown out.  Both Congress and KCR have not  confirmed role of Prashant Kishor, as they know there will be shock in their leaders.
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  6. Soon  Prashant Kishor  will ensure that KCR and Congress to come to an alliance.  Kishor says that Congress should bow down before KCR as KCR dominates Telengana. No Telengana Congress leader can oppose the orders of the Gandhis. Already Telengana Congress  leaders are praising Prashant Kishor, forgetting how they abused  him till last week .
  • Prasahnt Kishor says that he is only being hired for the 2024 parliament elections by Congress. But the fact is that Telengana is  difficult choice for the Congress. If Congress allies with KCR, then there will be no Congress in Telengana in future.  Like there is no Congress in UP, Bihar and Bengal.  
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  • The TRS has now 90 MLAs. If the MLAs think they will be denied tickets, they might immediately rebel. That is why there is secrecy about Prashant Kishor, as his medicine is castor oil for the MLAs.
  • If there is an alliance between KCR and Congress, then business professionals will take over the Congress and the Telengana Congress party will disappear.
  • The BJP will get a boost since Congress and TRS leaders, who will be denied tickets will rush to the BJP. Hundreds of MLA level leaders will have no place to go.
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Forced retirement of Congress and TRS leaders : For both TRS and Congress leaders, Prashant Kishor means  either forced retirement or voluntary retirement  like VRS, but without pension. There will be great offers of jobs after the election. But everyone knows, “after the election”, promises will be forgotten .  

One day the secret will be out. Kishor wants a  free hand and the  first casualty will be the 90 TRS MLAs and the 119  Congress MLA  aspirants . KCR wants to retain power in Telengana and Gandhis hope to continue in politics.  A loss for both of them will mean goodbye to politics.

Recently dropped Andhra Ministers and failed ministerial aspirants have been demanding that they be assured of tickets .Will Telengana MLAs make such a demand that they be declared as MLA candidates or will they wait for Prashant Kishor’s judgment? The usual trick is to assure them tickets and at the last minute dump them.  Even goats and sheep have run away from butchers’ shops.

The Chinese have a curse for their enemies and  wish their  enemies “ interesting times’. That means, there will be excitement and problems. Will Telengana have “ interesting times “? What will TRS MLAs and what will Telengana Congress leaders do? Even the BJP will have to re-draw its plans, if there is a two-party contest.

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Dr. P. Pullarao
Dr. P. Pullarao
Dr. P. Pullarao, born in West Godavari, studied at Loyola College, Madras, PhD from JNU, Economic research at University of Chicago under Prof. Buckminster Fuller, famed futurologist, and Dr. Milton Friedman. Public Advocate, writer, TV Commentator and newspaper columnist based in New Delhi.


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