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COVID: India Prepares Blueprint For Vaccine Supply

  • States directed to list the priority before mid-November
  • Over 50 crores doses to be covered for nearly 25 crore people by July next year
  • 28,000 locations are being used for this chain belt programme

Delhi: Central Government is getting ready with the blue print on learning that vaccine for Corona will be available from February 2021. According to the key sources from Union Health Ministry, digital platform will be used to see that vaccination is delivered to the people according to the prepared list.

The identification by the Indian government into categories for the first phase of vaccine includes health care professionals, citizens above 50 years of age, patients who require special care and front line workers. This total population will be around 30 crores as per initial estimates. Indian government wants to use Universal Immunisation programme (UIP) parallel to this vaccination one.

State governments get directions

Central government felt that the health care centres available at present will not be sufficient for this vaccination programme. They directed states to come up with locations which can be used for vaccination booths. For this State governments are trying  to identify the number of Panchayath, school buildings and Anganwadi centres for this purpose.

There will be State Steering Committee, State Task force, district task force headed by district magistrates and the chief Secretary to monitor the process and intimate to the Centre. Central Government felt that vaccination programme will run for a year covering all Indians free of cost. It advised State governments not to procure vaccine from any Pharma industry as Indian Government alone will purchase and distribute it to them.

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How Central govt’s digital platform works

This will identify and track the beneficiaries through SMS and QR codes. The beneficiaries should link their Aadhaar cards with the QR code  to prevent duplication. Electronic vaccine Intelligence Network (eVIN), existing digital platform for Universal Immunisation Programme will be taken into consideration during the COVID vaccination programme to intimate time, place and date to the vaccine recipients to avoid rush at the centre during shots. If there is no Adhaar card for the recipient, he or she can bring  any identity card issued by government.

Good News from Bharat Biotech

Meanwhile, Bharat Biotec, has announced  that it will launch the product ’Covaxin” for COVID in the month of Feb 2021. Initial reports sounded that it may take few months more for the vaccine to come out, around June. The company has expressed happiness that vaccine did not show any side affects during clinical trials and it’s safe to use. It was also confirmed by government officials. Bharat Biotec said that the drug can be administered for emergency use, if needed. On the other hand, another company, SII claimed that they will be in the  market  with the vaccine by Jan 2021.


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