TS Congress leaders in wait mode

Hyderabad: Manickam Tagore, AICC representative for Telangana State, has spoken to the party leaders in Delhi about the feedback he got from the senior leaders of the party with whom he had prolonged discussions  for three days. According to reliable source, if Revanth Reddy was invited for talks in Delhi, it can be presumed that he is not going to be appointed as chief of the Pradesh Congress Committee in place of Captain Uttam Kumar Reddy. The plan was to talk to the leaders who are not being considered for the coveted post in order to convince them to stay back in the party to take up future assignments. All the leaders whom the Delhi leaders are talking with will be involved in the final discussion so that they will have satisfaction of participating in the process.

Party chief Sonia Gandhi has decided not to meet any of the aspirants who are camping in Delhi. She is citing health reasons but even otherwise it is too early for her to get involved in the nitty-gritty of decision making. She would rather wait for a few days and meet Manickam Tagore and other central leaders to make the final decision. There are rumours that Komatireddy Venkata Reddy could meet Sonia Gandhi. But the report has not been confirmed by Sonia Gandhi’s office. However, Venkata Reddy had met Rahul Gandhi, former president of the party, and spoke about the situation in the party.

Manickam Tagore had met 162 leaders of the party in Hyderabad to know the pulse of the Congressmen. They include AICC members, Parliament members, PCC members, MLAs and chiefs of the district Congress Committees. All those who spoke to the AICC in-charge of TS said they have spoken frankly and fearlessly. They said they proposed some names and also opposed some. The ultimate decision has to be taken by the party’s central leadership and they would abide by it.

Besides Revanth Reddy and Venkata Reddy, the other aspirants are D. Sreedhar Babu and Bhatti Vikramarka. Revanth went to Delhi to participate in the meeting of the Standing Committee on defence. Rahul Gandhi also happens to be a member of the committee. Revanth had an opportunity to speak to his leader. Revanth has not been talking to media persons for some days since the situation is dicey and any comment may harm his chances. The vote for note case also is one of the reasons for his silence. The outcome of the case would have its influence on his career.

The waiting game would continue for a couple of weeks since there is no hurry to fill the post vacated by Uttam Kumar Reddy. Things may drag on till the end of this month.

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