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TDP wants Jana Sena back as an ally

  • Naidu eyes to repeat 2014 alliance
  • BJP refutes, but TDP wooing Jana Sena
  • TDP leaders say Jana Sena not happy with BJP
  • Pawan becomes important for TDP as well as BJP

Amravati: TDP leaders are trying their best to woo Jana Sena as an ally, but there was no response from its chief until now. The calculations and post-mortem after 2019 elections clearly gave hint for TDP that it is not possible to get better of YSRCP single handedly without alliance of BJP and Jana Sena which they had during 2014 elections. TDP strongly believes that the combo is a winning format with Jana Sena covering youth and TDP other age groups and communities. Chandra Babu Naidu  realised it and tried to join hands with BJP, which refused smoothly. TDP is now courting Jana Sena after it came to know that Pawan is not happy with the way BJP is trying to take the party into the fold of Modi.

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It is clear that Pawan was successful in diverting or dividing Kapu community vote bank considerably.  Social media is flooded with the prospect of a  tie up of both these parties once again with rumours that TDP offered CM’s post to Pawan for two and half years if they come to power. There was no response from Pawan or nor was there any denial by Jana Sena leaders. Even BJP doesn’t want to lose Jana Sena as its alliance partner and its heads repeatedly said that they will go as an alliance for 2024 elections. Speculations went to the  peak that Pawan will be gifted Union Cabinet berth, but there were no positive signals until now from Delhi sources.

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It is tough for the TDP to face YCP at present scenario and it needs an ally very badly to counter the ruling party. Naidu knows very well that it is better to move with Jana Sena rather than communist parties in Andhra Pradesh. In politics anything can happen and with Pawan, it is more easy as he changed stripes  from TDP to Communist parties and then BJP in these seven years.

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