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Rajinikanth’s America tour questioned by Actress Kasturi

Rajinikanth and Aiswarya outside Mayo clinic in the US

  • Indians are not allowed to go to America, how could Rajini go?
  • No permission even if it is a health emergency, but how Rajini got there?

Chennai: Tamil Super Star Rajinikanth has been spotted outside Mayo clinic along with daughter Aishwarya. As per reports, Thaliva is in US for routine health check up. He will be back on July 8th and will resume shoot. But singer, actor, activist, lawyer, writer, quizmaster, dancer, women and children rightist Kasturi Shankar expressed doubts on Rajini’s US tour during the pandemic time. She came on twitter by saying, “It is understandable fans will react with outrage when their icon is criticised, but to expect that no one should question him is absurd. Whole world is interested in his every movement and so am I. Especially when it is out of ordinary. Remember when he got caught travelling without e-pass? I defended him stoutly then. This time I myself have a question about travel during pandemic time. What is wrong with that? If there is a logical answer, we will all get to know. Where is the need for frenzy and abuse?

I have not asked any classified info and certainly no personal information. I have been completely courteous. Yes I raised doubts about his health only after many fans said he may have gone for medical emergency, when the press release said it is routine check up. What is the crime in that? Everybody wants to know about his health. I wish him robust health and a long life, and yes, I am worried what kind of medical emergency it was.

When Amma Jayalalitha was in hospital, whole TN wanted to know what is happening. We all know how that was mishandled and the aftermath. In case of Kalaignar, people got regular updates. A whole nation followed his last days. Speaking for myself, many people know about how cancer in the family made me start my medical charity. I speak openly and regularly about it. So, regular info is much appreciated. It is not a crime to want to know about a huge star’s publicly available details. Nothing to be outraged about and no military secrets will be compromised.”

In their efforts to ‘teach me a lesson’ few Rajini fans are going overboard with vulgar abuse .Please think who will be mostly harmed by it”.



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