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Neela – Shree Tatwa, Krishna – Narayana Tatwa

Tiruppavai Story

What Kaika asked was to exile for Rama only. But Lakshmana forced Rama to accept his accompaniment. Seetha too wanted to follow Rama. Lakshmanawas very happy to see both Rama and Seetaenjoying each other’s company. Three of them – Rama Seetha and Lakshmana were feeling Vana Vaasa as privilege.

Valmiki says, Rama MaanavanaTrayahరమామాణ వన త్రయః  = three are enjoying in the forest. It is traditionally believed that Lakshmi is ‘Mangaladeepa Rekha, who is inherently illuminating and illuminates the eyes of Vishnu. She is the lamp that throws light on Narayana Tatwa. She is lamp of knowledge,Jnaana Deepa. Krishna is the bright star of Gopa clan. But He is not visible to others unless Neela reflects her light on Him. He is Aprakasha and AnyadheenaPrakasha, i.e., does have no light and depends on others for light. Neela has to brighten Him. There are five lights there: Shriti, Smriti, Ithihaasa, Purana, and Aagamas. Godarefers to these five as a cluster of lamps, the sources of knowledge. These five lamps emit knowledge. That light of knowledge enables us to visualise and realize Sri Tatwa and Narayana Tatwa.

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The Kamsa’s Elephant – embodiment of Ego

Krishna killsKuvalayapeedam, the huge embodiment of grown-up Ego. “I did it, I will enjoy it, I know it, everything is mine” are the four kinds of ego. Four Ivory legs reflect these four kinds of Ahamkaaram. One should have chaturvidha jnana, four kinds of Jnana are those who are sleeping on the cot. Cot is a place where humans rest and derive happiness. It relieves the physical strain. The cot of our aadidampathi is a platform of Bliss of Super Self.

When Gopikas refer to black eye-lining of Neela and blossoming clusters of flowers in her plait, they intend comparison between them and Neela. While Gopikas abstain from eye linings and flowers for Vrata, Neela is enjoying them and binding Krishna with her flowers and looks. Eye is a symbol of Jnana but the black eye-lining is reflection of love- Jnana Anjanaa Rekha.

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Father and mother should always be together to help children and shower affection. Together Seetha-Rama, Lakshmi-Naryana and Neela-Krishna protect the Jeevis. If one desires Rama alone, it could beShoorpanakha, and someone wants only Seetha, he might becomeRavana and perish. In Guruparampara, the Gopikas are invoking ‘Om Sridharayanamah” in this pashuram.

Yesterday, theGopikasfound Him. And tried to wake-up Krishna. But He remained unresponsive. Goda realized that without seekingthe blessings of Bala Rama, it is not proper to approach Krishna. They tried to wake-up Bala Ram, but failed again. Then they understood that they should have sought the indulgence of Neela, the lover of Sri Krishna. Gopika’sstarted moving towards her.

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Neela is the mother. With Purushakara of Neela, they can be assured of blessing from the Supreme Self. The mother pleads for kids and convinces the Husband. The motherlyaffection of recommending Husband for boons to children is called Purushakara.  Neela is such abenevolent mother.

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Prof. M. Sridhar Acharyulu
Prof. M. Sridhar Acharyulu
Author is Dean, Professor of law at Mahindra University at Hyderabad and former Central Information Commissioner. He published a number books in English and Telugu.


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