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The Mother: Neela Devi, NappinnaPiratti

Tiruppavai -18

Tamil Pashuram

Undhumadakalitran, OdhaadhaTholValiyan

NandagopalanMarumagale! Nappinnai!

GandhamKamazhumKuzhalee! KadaiThiravaai?

VandhengumKozhiAzhaithanaKaann! Maadhavi-p-


Pandhaar Virali! Un Maiththunan per paada-ch-


VandhuThiravaaiMagizhundhu-el or Empaavaai

English Poem 18

His army has thousands of elephants,

Nandagopa, strong warrior who never defeated,

His niece, Neela, with fragrant hair,

Please hear the wakeup calls of the Rooster and

Amidst leaves and fruits the nightingale’s sweet tweets,

One hand on Him and a playing ball in the other,

We praise your lover Krishna, walk with anklet’s sounds,

And open doors with your lotus hand of golden bangles

In previous Pashuram, Goda and Gopikas could wake up Yashoda and Nanda Raja. They could not ask Krishna to get up. They realized that they should approach Balarama and Neela Devi, niece of Yashoda and Nanda, first before Krishna. Neela was fondlyholding Krishna with one hand and a ball withthe other. She must have played ball games with Him throughout the night. She was neither disturbed by the wake-up calls of the rooster at regular intervals, nor was she able to hear the sweet sounds of the nightingale happily sitting on the creepers amidst flowers and fruits. Several lakhs of Earths are called ‘Andam’ as a group. When such ‘Andams’ are joined together it is called Brahmaandam. He is the heroof several crores of such ‘Brahmandams’. The entire Universe is under her protection, even at the end of the creation. 

Neela is very beautiful. Wonderful fragrance is spreading from her well-decorated hair. Her anklets are making gentle sounds as she moves on in style. When she extends her lotus hands, the golden bangles are spreading bright light.Goda is asking Neela to get up and open the doors to shower the generosity to recommend to Krishna to meet and greet them. Neela is called Nappinna. She mediates between Jeeva and Bhagawan. Sometimes, the God might be strict disciplinarian in the interest of His children, but it is Mother Neelawho helps the Bhagawan understand the merits of her progeny and bless you. She is dynamic and living the link between the Jeeva and Brahman. Unless she is pleased, it is difficult for the progeny to get His grace. It is called the attribute of Purushakaram.

Prof. M. Sridhar Acharyulu
Prof. M. Sridhar Acharyulu
Author is Dean, Professor of law at Mahindra University at Hyderabad and former Central Information Commissioner. He published a number books in English and Telugu.



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