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Film actor Saichand begins walkathon in memory of Potti Sriramulu

Film actor, documentary producer and writer Tripuraneni Saichand has started walkathon (Paada yaatra) on Thursday from Potti Sriramulu Memorial Building at Mylapore in Chennai. The task was undertaken by the son of famous writer Gopichand and grandson of a pioneering social reformer Tripuraneni Ramaswamy Chowdary to highlight and bring to the notice of the present generation the humongous sacrifice made by Sriramulu. This was the day 70 years ago that Potti Sriramulu, a Gandhian, died after fasting for 58 day demanding carving out a separate State for Telugus living in Madras Presidency with Madras city as the capital.

Saichand with Potti Sriramulu portrait begins walkathon from Chennai on Thursday.

The Madras government headed by Rajaji and the national government under Pandit Nehru did not agree with the demand. They had decided to give Tirumala to Andhra state and  keep Madras (now Chennai) with Madras State (now Tamil Nadu). Saichand will be walking for ten to twelve days to reach his native place Padamatipalle village in Kanigiri mandal in Prakasam district.

Saichand with friends and well wishers before starting paada yaatra on Thursday.


Saichand first acted in 1980 in ‘Maa Bhoomi’ produced by Narsing Rao and directed by famous director Gautham Ghosh. He also acted in Rangula kala and ‘Aadavalle Aligite’ and many more movies. He stopped acting in films in 1992 and took up documentary making for Doordarshan. He made documentary on his father’s novel ‘Asamarthuni Jeevita Yaatra.’ He produced many documentaries in 25 years he was away from films. Noted film director Sekhar Kammula happened to see ‘Maa Bhoomi’ and was very impressed by Saichand’s action. He persuaded him to act as father of heroine Sai Pallavi in ‘Fida,’ the film that made Pallavi a great heroine and Saichand a legendary father. “Naa thalli kadaa, naa maata inammaa’ was a dialogue rendered by Saichand that went viral. The modern girls became his fans. He acted as Sai   Pallavi’s father in “Uppena” also. He has been inundated with offers to act as father in films.

There is reform, literature and art of writing  in his blood. His father Gopichand wrote dialogues and stories for films. He published Sahiti Viikshnam, Dasarathi Rangacharya aaru anuvaada navalalu, Keraaf etc.

Saichand is also a singer. ’Viira gandhamu techchinaaramu, Viirulevaroo

telupudii’ is one of his favourite songs. He had leftist ideology at heart. He is an avid reader. He read the literature on Telangana peasants’

armed struggle on which “Maa Bhoomi” was based. He is an idealist. A

bachelor by choice. He imbibed the reform spirit of his grandfather and

he was brought up by famous rationalist and atheist based in Vijayawada Goparju Ramachandra Rao (GORA). The brought up also helped him in inculcating in himself values of simple life and high thinking.  He has completed 27 kilometers by Thursday evening. He will start walking again tomorrow morning.

The famous poem written by Rabindranath Tagore ‘Ekla Chalo Re’ is Saichand’s favorite piece. The poem is:

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