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Bhaironpalli martyrs remembered

Rapolu Ananda Bhaskar, former MP and BJP leader, paid homage on Friday to the martyrs of Bhairanpalli who sacrificed their lives during their battle against Razakars, the private army of the Nizam. They were guarding the place by standing in the watch tower when hundreds if Razakars with modern weapons encircled them. A total of 118 freedom fighters were gunned down by the Razakars. It happened exactly 73 years ago on 27 August 1948.

India got freedom on 15 August 1947 but not Hyderabad and several other princely States. Many of them were merged in the union by Home Minister Sardar Vallabh bhai Patel and his secretary Menon. But three princely States were not willing to merge. They were Hyderabad, Junagarh and Jammu & Kashmir. The news of Bhairanpalli massacre rattled the union government. Sardar Patel acted fast and sent army under the leadership of Gen J.N. Chowdhury. In three days Nizam Osman Ali Khan surrendered before Patel. Thus Hyderabad also became free and merged into the union on 17 September 1948, more than a year after the rest of India.
Bairanpalli martyrs were fighting under the leadership of CPI. Bur their sacrifice has not been commemorated. Ananda Bhaskar has done it as he thought it was his bounden duty. People who attended the ceremony of Pitru Yagnyam at the watch tower that was built by the freedom fighters.

In memory of Bhairanpalli martyrs, Ananda Bhaskar appealed to all the sections of the people of Telangana to observe 27 August as Bhairanapalli Martyrs Day. He honoured 95 year old Immadi Agama Reddy who at the age of 19 fought against the Razakars and witnessed the bloodshed. Anada Bhaskar offered Pindas to all the 118 departed souls who sacrificed their lives for the freedom of people of Hyderabad Princely state. Many people have participated in the programme which for the first time was organised to pay homage to the martyrs. Speaking to the gathering on the occasion in an emotional tone, Ananda Bhaksar said majority of the persons who made the supreme sacrifice belonged to weaker sections, scheduled castes and backward castes.



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