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Sharmila has to change strategy to make a mark

  • Cold war with brother leaves Sharmila at a disadvantage
  • Mother Vijayamma bats for Sharmila
  • Emotions won’t work in politics
  • Sharmila loses grip on speeches and crowd pulling

Hyderabad: Y.S. Sharmila, daughter of late Y.S. Rajasekhar Reddy launched YSRTP in Telangana in July, looks to be cornered in politics after she lost backing of her brother, AP CM Jagan Mohan Reddy. As per Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy, AP Government advisor, Jagan was against the idea of his sister floating a political party in neighbouring states. But Sharmila launched party with the help and support of her mother, Vijayamma. Lotus pond witnessed huge supporters in the month of July when the party was announced, but as days progressed, party looks to be slipping out of hands at gross route level as per political observers.

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Sharmila has to change her style: As a party leader, She should be bold and stubborn after entering into the battle field. We all know that she maintained the momentum of YSRCP in Andhra Pradesh with mammoth walkathon of more than 3000 kms when her brother, now AP CM, Jagan was jailed. Now it is clearly visible there is huge difference in her speeches and style. There is no powerful, continuous attack with speeches against the government she is fighting against. Even the programmes and dharnas she started were left in the middle without continuation until result is reached.

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Dharnas in support for employment

 In support of farmers all left in the middle. Recently she visited Saidapet colony to condemn the brutal rape and murder of a six year child. She demanded 10 crore rupees from the Government as a compensation to child’s parents. She sat for a dharna for justice to child’s parents and was seen with tears. Observers felt that Sharmila is sensitive and tears won’t work in a battle of politics.

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Left alone. Vijayamma bats for her

Rift between Jagan and Sharmila is clearly seen since July after she launched party. This was clearly seen on September 2nd, at Idupulapaya YSR Ghat, when both met to pay homage to their father, YSR. Nearly they spent 40 minutes at ghat but not utter a single word, which clearly indicates the rift. Her absence during Rakhi time at Jagan’s house also hints both are clearly drifted. Political observers say that Jagan denied Rajya Sabha seat for Sharmila, which is the main reason for the rift. This is only speculation in YSR’s close aides and exact reason unknown until now. Sharmila came on twitter by saying ‘Daughter of YSR’ left alone in the battle. This also proves that her brother is not backing up in politics.

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Vijayamma, came into the fore to help her daughter and trying to attend public meeting along with Sharmila in Telangana. She is going to resign for YSRCP post; she is having as she decided to stand by the YSRTP. Even the “Aatmiya Sammelanam” was organised by Vijayamma to gain support for her daughter in Telangana. Most of the congress leaders and YSR’s aides gave a miss to the meeting in view that was politically motivated.

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Sharmila’s task ahead

She has to enter the political field with a plan and strategy, leaving all disputes behind. Many leaders who were with her in July were not seen now. She has to change her style of speech and should be seen to be aggressive in public in fiery way to counter main political parties like, TRS, Congress and BJP. She should give public confidence that she is not an arrow of any political party. Committees of all districts should be brought under an umbrella and should check that no communication gap runs in future. She should come up with agenda in support to public. She announced party’s first candidate in Tungathurthi on Tuesday. This seems that she is serious with upcoming assembly elections. But we have to see how far she will be successful with this type of meetings and programmes in a lonely fight. Can she do the magic? Right now Telangana politics looks to be triangle fight with TRS, Congress and BJP coming up with schemes and counter schemes. Sharmila has to come up with serious steps if party has to be in limelight.

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