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Chiru has to thank Sai Dharam Tej’s saviours

  • Sai Dharam Tej’s case: Chiru should thank them
  • Collar bone fracture operated
  • Condition stable, will be on ventilator for another 24hrs
  • Tollywood wishes speedy recovery
  • Mega Hero Chiru should thank two persons who saved life
  • How did he forget this?

Hyderabad: Mega Hero, Mega Star Chiranjeevi’s nephew, actor Said Dharam Tej, who met with bike accident, is recovering at Apollo Hospital. As per health bulletin released by doctors, his condition is stable and responding to medication. Surgery was completed for his collar bone successfully and is on ventilator as precautionary medical step, which will be for another 24 hours. Tollywood wished him speedy recovery and Mega family members are monitoring the situation every hour in the hospital. But actor Chiranjeevi, who is known for his humanity and charity, forgot to thank two persons which saved Sai Dharma Tej’s life. Here are they:

Abdul Farhan: He is small employee working at valet parking in CMR shopping mall, Nizampet. He was on the way along with his family and friend Asif when the accident took place. As soon as he saw the skidding bike, he rushed to spot and along with Asif, made Sai Dharm Tej sit on footpath and gave some water. Abdul immediately found Sai was out of consciousness and dialed 100 and 108 without wasting any time. 108 reached the spot within 10 minutes and reached nearby Medicover hospital in less than 5 mins. Abdul didn’t know that he saved celebrity’s life by dialing 108 until Rayadurgam Police called him and appreciated. He just showed his humanity when accident took place. So, Mega Family should first thank him for dialing 108. Abdul searched for phone in Sai Dharam Tej’s pocket to inform actor’s well wishers, but as iPhone was locked he couldn’t do, at the same time, he searched Sai’s valet for contacts, but nothing was there in the valet except currency. He immediately kept the notes in the purse and helped Sai Dharam Tej to sit in ambulance along with his friend. Later he, with his family, moved towards his residence at Nizampet. This act should be really appreciated by Mega family.

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Medicover Hospital: Whenever a trauma case occurs, the first hour treatment is very important which can save life, this is called “Golden Hour” in medical terms. As soon as ambulance reached Medicover hospital, doctors in ICU injected antibiotics, started artificial respiration process and IV fluids. This first hour treatment made actor’s health condition revive within a short span and saved him from  danger. Later Chiranjeevi, Allu Aravaind and Pawan Kalyan visited Medicover Hospital and moved Sai Dharm Tej to Apollo Hospital on Friday night. It would have been a gentle gesture and kind of humanity if Mega Family released a simple press note  thanking Medicover doctors for the initial treatment. How Chiru forgot these two issues as he is well known for kindness?

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Meanwhile a case was filed against GHMC by Rayadurgam police with a reason that skidding was due to sand which was not removed by GHMC. The corporation staff had cleared the sand the next day.


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