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BRS’ maiden meeting massive but political message missing

A Ravindra Seshu

Bharat Rashta Samiti chief and Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao (KCR) projected the image of himself and his party high by the massive meeting he addressed at Khamman today. It is the first public meeting in the name of BRS, a national party born out of regional party TRS. He has been talking of preparing ground for a non-Congress opposition front. The huge meeting was attended by Arvind Kejriwal, Delhi Chief Minister, Pinarayi Vijayan, Kerala Chief Minister, Bhawant Mann, Pubjab Chief Minister, Akhilesh Yadav, former chief minister of UP and D Raja, CPI secretary general. Kumarswamy who has been in the forefront of supporters of BRS could not make it as he is involved in a statewide tour in Karnataka in the name of Panchatantra Rath Yatra.

women at Khammam rally

The first public meeting is important to the   Bharat Rastra Samiti after it changed its name as BRS. It is very crucial for it. Though the BRS tried for five lakh crowd, the gathering is definitely impressive one. The political sources concluded that the crowd will be nearly three lakh, which is a good number for a political party in the two Telugu states. This is easily the best meeting held in Telangana in the last eight years.

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KCR  explained how India failed to tap the natural sources for the development of the country. “BJP government failed to make the country as the  richest one. About 1.40 lakh TMC water is available in the  country and 70 percent of this resource is either evaporating or joining in seas. Nearly 83 crore acres of cultivable land is available in the country and only 41 crore acres are being used”.

All the VIPs including Vijayan, D Raja, Aravind Kejrival, Bhagawan Singh Mann and  Akhilesh Yadav had given spirited speeches against Narendra Modi government.

KCR greeting Akhilesh, Kejriwal, Mann, Pinarayi Vijayan and Raja

Raja listed out the states like Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Delhi where the Governors are dominating chief ministers. The federal system of India has been disturbed by the  Governors. “We should fight against it,” he exhorted.

Vijayan said that the Central government is entering into the powers of state governments through the Governor system. Such tactics should be checked for the sake of people. Akhilesh Yadav said that Khammam meeting had given confidence on the defeat of BJP in the next elections. Kejriwal explained how the Prime Minister Narendra Modi created problems to his government through the Lt. Governor.

In Khammam meeting, KCR listed out what they can do when they came to the power at centre. About 35 percent  reservation for women, making power sector as public sector, free power to farming, cancellation of Agnipath and tapping of natural sources were some of the issues raised by KCR.

Five political parties like BRS, CPI, CPI-M, AAP and Samajwadi Party took part in Khammam meeting. All the leaders explained the anti-peoples’ policies of BJP government, but failed to place a united agenda before the people. A rhythmic sound by a hero in Kannada film ‘Kantara’ that caused a  box office hit missed at  Khammam. It is a good public meeting of BRS by nothing united about it. One would have expected KCR to announce future action programme. May be proceedings at the breakfast meeting at CM’s residence Pragati Bhavan on Wednesday remained inconclusive. One can only guess.

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