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Why Harish Rao did not like the smile of a scribe?

A Ravindra Seshu

Finance Minister of Telangana T Harish Rao did not like the smile of a scribe at a press meet organised by Bharat Rastra Samithi in Khammam. Harish explained the program schedule of BRS meeting in Khammam and the scheduled visit of three chief ministers of Delhi, Punjab and Kerala and former chief minister of UP Akhilesh Yadav. While giving details of the VIPs, Harish Rao said that VIPs including left party leaders will visit Yadagirigutta before coming to Khammam. After the press conference, Harish Rao invited the pressmen for  lunch. In a chit chat, senior journalist K Ramanarayana said that the State government is not solving the issues of scribes including health insurance and land sites. Harish said that the number of journalists is highest in Telangana when compared to bigger States like Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat. The scribe tried to explain the reasons for increasing reporters due to mandal system and proactive role of media here. Harish immediately asked him why are you smiling while I was addressing media? The scribe said that he gets to  smile when the minister gave the details  of schedule of left party leaders visiting Yadagurigutta. There is no other meaning in it. Harish replied, “I knew the smiles of the people and their meaning”. Then, the scribe said, “I am extremely sorry if you felt bad about my smile”.


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