Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Oakridge parents protest against fees

Hyderabad: The parents of Oakridge international school students have protested on Friday before the school gate against the management for forcing them to pay exorbitant  fees despite the loss of revenues due to Covid pandemic. When they tried to enter the school premises to convey the message to the management, they were stopped by the security. They  could not meet the representatives of the management. They have been demonstrating before the gate with placards. They said the management was forcing them to pay huge fees in spite of not having physical classes and the students are taught online. Some parents complained that because of the online classes they were forced to buy computers  and  laptops. It was an additional expenditure for them.

Even though some facilities were not being used by the students such as library, laboratory, playground, and the management was not incurring any expenditure on these facilities, they are being asked to pay full fee. The management of the school in a notice asked the parents to furnish their bank account statements  to which the parents did not agree. “Why should we give them our bank statements? They have no right to ask,” said the parents.


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