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Hyderabad serological survey: 54% Developed Antibodies

• Survey conducted by Bharath Biotech and CCMB, ICMR, NIN jointly
• Antibodies developed more in women than men
• Samples collected from 10 to 90 yrs of age

Hyderabad: The serological survey conducted jointly by Bharath Biotech and CCMB revealed key information related to corona virus in Hyderabad. According to the data released by them, nearly 54% showed the presence of antibodies against the coronary arteries.

How survey was conducted?

They collected 300 samples from 30 wards of the city with age ranging from 10 years to 90 years. They found nearly 10% are already affected with Covid by the time samples were collected. 9000 samples were collected and sent for serological study. The data revealed that antibodies were found in 70% of the wards and they were found more in women than men. 56% of women have antibodies while 53% men developed antibodies. As per scientists, people over 70yrs of age have lower level of antibodies.

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Another interesting factor in the study was, if any family member was affected with COVID pandemic, their family members have developed 78% antibodies compared to 68% of the outsiders. Surprising aspect in the survey was that most of them don’t know what corona is and when it attacked them and how it left, in other words, they are asymptomatic.

Is Hyderabad heading towards herd immunity?

Can’t say, but 54% developing antibodies appears to lead in that direction. Experts say, if it touches 70% it amounts to be nearing the herd immunity. But as per experts, it is advised to go for vaccination when your turn comes, to be on safer side. Even after vaccination also, it is good if they follow covid guidelines for a few months by wearing mask, following Sanitisation and maintaining social distance as much as possible.

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Restrictions on vaccination to go

The limitations of timings and days for vaccination may be lifted in coming days as per central government. Now the timings of vaccination is from 9 am to 5 pm, but it will be made 24/7 in coming days. All private hospitals will be permitted by the Center to go for vaccination drive. Most importantly, the Center has a plan to give green signal for all age groups above 18 to go for vaccination from March third week.


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