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NTR’S RRR Bheem teaser Lands in Controversy

  • Co-star Ram Charan Unveiled Bheem teaser on Komaram Bheem’s birthday
  • NTR’s look as Muslim spiritual man with skull cap provoked controversy
  • Teaser creates record on day one crossing 80,000 likes.

Hyderabad: There will be huge enthusiasm in film circles and fans whenever ace film director Rajamouli announces a new project. After blockbuster Bahubali, Rajamouli came up with a story which is based on two freedom fighters Alluri Seetharam Raju and Komaram Bheem starring Ram Charan and NTR in lead roles. The combo itself is a crazy one and one can expect how Rajamouli will mould the flick with graphics making it as extravaganza.

Rajamouli showcases publicity  tactics

Shoot of the film was delayed due to Covid pandemic but Rajamouli wants to maintain the hype with release of teasers. As expected, he was successful in creating a favourable climate  in the film circles when he came up with first teaser showing Ram Charan as Alluri Seetharama Raju. Director was successful  with the teaser release with voice over of NTR for Charan’s teaser which created more interest compelling to watch it, a typical Rajamouli’s publicity tactics  to get audience focus on his movie.

Focus on teaser

On Thursday the film unit came up with much awaited teaser, NTR as Bheem, surprising the viewers with NTR coming up as a spiritual Muslim man with cap at the end of it. Teaser got attention more with the voice over of Ram Charan and got a huge response from filmy fans across the globe creating highest likes for the teasers on day one. Every one appreciated NTR’s transformation and the care for the role he took with hard work.

Netizens have problem with skullcap

But on the same day, there were critics of the teaser in social media regarding NTR’s get up. “Flick with more than 300 crores budget on great freedom fighter Komaram Bheem who fought against Razakars and Nizam, then why are you showing NTR in a Muslim get up with a skull cap, such blatant falsehood in the name of the history” is one of the  tweets circulating on Twitter.

It is fiction, clarifies the unit

Film unit clarified that in the story it is a fictious one which is based on two freedom fighters during 1920 who fought against British and Razakars. “Story revolves around two tribal leaders who left their villages at young age without any proper education and returned as fiery warriors with guerrilla warfare against the Nizam and the British, sacrificing their lives. It is just a fiction based flick which is inspired by Cheguvara’s memoir ‘The Motorcycle diaries’, the director explained.

Will the controversy ebb?

Will this explanation satisfy the netizens  or will the controversy run its course?  The film is produced by DVV Danayya with a whooping budget of 300 plus crores with Alia Bhatt being introduced to the Tollywood. Film will be released in  five languages – Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam and Hindi. Shoot is going in brisk pace in Hyderabad  maintaining social norms of Covid.


  1. Movie unit might say it is fiction, yet the controversies could linger around since they can’t evade few facts around Bheem’s life. Such a hodgepodge could attract, as well, significant rejection from Bheem’s fanhood.


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