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‘Future CM NTR, People’s leader NTR’ : Fans indulge in slogans

  • Only NTR can carry legacy of TDP
  • Demand to bring NTR into TDP growing stronger by the day
  • Embarrassment for TDP Supremo Chandrababu Naidu
  • NTR will come out soon with a decision, fans  confident

Amravati: It’s a spell bound extravaganza for filmy lovers on Thursday when RRR flick unit released trailer in five languages. While NTR and Rajamouli were busy in releasing trailer in Mumbai for Hindi language, NTR’s fans are busy across Telugu states utilising the platform for political purpose. Particularly in Andhra Pradesh, NTR fans came out with rallies chanting “Jai NTR, Future CM, people’s leader”, which stunned TDP leaders. The event which was flocked by thousands of fans in various places of the state certainly embarrassed TDP supremo Chandrababu Naidu too.

Demand for inviting NTR into TDP has been seen from few months back after TDP lost in by polls and municipal polls. This became stronger as days progressed and fans came out openly in Kuppam when Chandrababu Naidu toured his constituency recently. This left Naidu in a tricky situation. He could not respond except with a smile. NTR is future of TDP, claim his fans, which they expressed in front of CBN when he visited Machilipatnam to console family members of TDP senior leader Kagitha Venkat Rao, after the latter’s sudden demise. Though Naidu is maintaining strategic silence on this issue, cadre, particularly youth, felt that this is the time for his hero to enter the party to rejuvenate it.

NTR Jr campaigning for the TDP in 2009 (file photo)

TDP leaders are angry with Tarak for not condemning the statements made by his fans. Recently NTR released a short video coming out against abusive language against Nara Bhuvaneswari, without mentioning any leader’s name or party. This irked TDP sympathisers who said they were disappointed by NTR’s reaction. Few leaders like Varla Ramiah and Budda venkanna criticised NTR for not supporting TDP during abusive attack on his nephew in assembly.

NTR’s  fans also reacted seriously to these leaders on Thursday and said, “leaders who can’t get even four votes are also commenting on our hero.”

Last seen actively in politics in 2009

NTR was seen actively in politics in 2009, 12 years back where he met with an accident during campaign. Later, he became busy in films and maintained distance from party for various reasons. His fans say that their hero is not happy with Naidu’s treatment of Harikrishna (late) and strongly feel that he (Hari) was kept aside after CBN came to power. When media questioned NTR about his political entry, the actor many times skipped question by neither saying that it is not the right time to answer. He also said that he will work as an activist whenever required. No doubt NTR enjoys huge craze in films with lot of support but still he needs time and experience to grow as a politician. 30 seconds video clip released by NTR requesting politicians to stop indulging in personal attacks, clicked millions of views, which clearly reflects how much fan following the actor enjoys.

Naidu is busy in indulging Lokesh as future face of the party, but if it happens only god can save TDP, said one of NTR’s fans.

Balakrishna reacted on NTR’s political entry few months back when he vaguely  said that decisions will be taken according to “their thoughts.” He also clarified that he is not thinking much about NTR’s political entry and TDP was born out of rage. If he (NTR) enters, it may be plus or minus, said Balayya with a smile addressing media.

What NTR’s fans opine

NTR’s fans want their hero to represent his family’s legacy in politics and feel that he takes over a good role in functioning of the party. TDP is in dire need of young and dynamic face, so it is better to enter before 2024 elections, and he (NTR) will be coming soon, says fans.

Will Naidu give place for NTR in the party? Will NTR enters TDP once again leaving his filmy life? Only time will answer these questions.


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