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Brutuses who stabbed NTR

On January 18, 1996, at early morning, around 5.00 am, I  received information from Madras (Chennai) from my ,  of Aside monthly magazine, where I was a columnist writing from Hyderabad. I was among the  first to reach NTR’s house after he died. I could not go in for some time. Then he was shifted to ground floor. Among the people who were there was  hero Chiranjeevi. I was standing for some time with him, then waiting a minute and them was allowed inside.

I remembered the English teacher, head-master Baru Balakishan Sir. (His son was my classmate; another son Srinivas released his book “Gaanam – Gamyam” on life of father and other sons. Interestingly, on that day, I was amongst last speakers, and then suffered brain stroke 9 months ago, and recovering to this level of writing something). He used to explain the lesson of the Roman history. He used to totally involve in the history and made the difficult story a very easy to understand. First, I never believed about such things happened really. But after I saw the history of N. T. Ramarao, his Brutus like criminal leaders I  believed my teacher.

The most famous of the assassins of Julius Caesar, often called as Brutus, Roman politician, orator.  Caesar’s attempts to evade accountability in the law courts put him at greater odds with his opponents in the Roman elite and the senate. Brutus eventually came to oppose Caesar and sided with Pompey against Caesar’s forces during the ensuing civil war (49–45 BC). Pompey was defeated at the Battle of Pharsalus in 48, after which Brutus surrendered to Caesar, who granted him amnesty.

Those developments led to a second civil war, in which Mark Antony and Octavian fought the liberators led by Brutus and Cassius. The Caesarians decisively defeated the outnumbered armies of Brutus and Cassius at the two battles at Philippi in October 42.  After the defeat, Brutus committed suicide. (

Like Caesar, NT Ramarao cannot be compared with the silent killers. But was, again was not real murderers but silently caused – called who stabbed – his friends, relatives, blood-related family members, some sons, some sons-in-law and followers, leaders, millioneers, the so-called journalists, some democrats who turned politicians. Each one like Brutus.

Prof. M. Sridhar Acharyulu
Prof. M. Sridhar Acharyulu
Author is Dean, Professor of law at Mahindra University at Hyderabad and former Central Information Commissioner. He published a number books in English and Telugu.


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