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No perfect being on this earth: says Seeta and Goda

In her first Pashuram (Poem No.1) Goda explained the Narayana Tatwa as His first location, Sthana. He told Gopikas about the ultimate, omnipotent and omnipresent power of Naaraayana. His omnipresence is indicated by names Vishnu, Vasudeva and Narayana. Vishnu means one who spread all over. Vasudeva signifies that he resides and shines in every inch of the creation. Shrimannarayana Chinna Ramanuja Jeeyar says, these two names do not indicate how and why He has spread all over. Hence Vishnu Mantra and Vasudeva Mantra are considered deficient in a slight way. But Naaraayana is complete. This Naaraayana Mantra explains why and how He resides everywhere and His relationship with others through His presence, besides the consequences of such wide-spread nature. Naaramulu means all living and non-living things of the entire universe. Aayanam means source or base for the existence of all Naramulu and the Universe. Naaraayana is the source and base for everything. Universe exists because of Him. He resides within all to enliven it. Goda opens the Kaavya with this elaborate sense in a few small words of eight lines.

Tiruppavai Transliteration from TamilTranslation into English
VaiyathuVazhveerkal ! nanumnampavaikku   Seyyumkirisaikalkeleero ! Paarkadalull Paiyyathuyindraparamanadipaadi Neyyunnom paal unnomnaatkaleneeradi Maiyittezhudom malar ittu naam mudiyom Seyyadanaseyyomtheekkuralaisendrodhom Iyamumpichaiyumaandanaiyum kai kaatti Uyyumarenniugandhelorempavai  For bliss of world, Come dear join this divine mission To sing at lotus feet of VaikunthaNatha of Milk Ocean Forsake ghee and milk and forget not, bathingearly hours Forsake flowers and eyeliner, avoid give facial make up Listen to elders, do not do that don’ts, do only good Hurt not, donate a lot as much as you can For salvation, engage with noble thoughts, awake, let usall go.  

Second song of Goda discloses that second abode of Bhagavan is Palakadali, the Ocean of Milk. He is smaller than the smallest, Anu of Anu, and at the same time could be bigger than the biggest, Mahat or Brihat. He is the embodiment of five elements. Each body of creature consists of the same five elements. Earth is one of those five. It is difficult to be peaceful on this Earth.

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In this song, Goda is setting the rules and regulations for the Naaraayana Vrata. Dos prescribed and don’ts areprescribed. We need to gain knowledge from elders as to what to do and what not. Many of Gopikas joined Goda with readiness to learn about their mission.

No perfect being on this earth: says Seeta and Goda

The only way to reach Him is Himself

We are not seeking anything for us. Our aim is different, our path is unique. We consider that to reach Naaraayana, the only way is the Himself. We do not know the yajnas and mantras.  Naaraayana is swinging on tides of the ocean of milk. Let us go to His feet and sing in His praise. When we can enjoy the taste of chanting the sweet name of Naaraayana, do we need ghee and milk?  All of us shall reach the river for early bath. Let us not bother about eyeliners and flowers for hair dress. Real Vaishnav does not bother about the bodily decorations. Whether Flowers or milk, they are meant only for the Krishna.

Bharat is our inspiration

Bharath, brother of Rama is our inspiration. He did not accept the power of Kingdom, but preferred the divine feet of Lord Rama, though Lord Rama asked him to get crowned and rule, Guru Vashisth ordained, father Dasarath accepted it as one of two boons granted to Kaikeyi. Everything was ready and there is nothing objectionable as per Dharma and Morals. Yet he considered it as hindrance for his solvation and devotion to elder brother Rama. Bharath is a real devotee, tested and trusted Bhakta.

Think good for all times

In this song Goda explains the external and internal personality building before commencing the Vrata. They are prescribed as eligibility criteria. She asks to forsake the material things like tasty food, make up material and imbibe pleasant behaviour.   Goda pleads with Gopikas, her friends to think good for all times, understand the pain of others, never bother about their wrongs, and do good for all. Because there is none without defect or deficiency on this Earth. Never use harsh language and mind the hearts of others to avoid the hurting deeds. Others may not know your internal tides of thoughts but Antaryami, the God, all pervasive, knows what your mind is. Beware. Spread the message of goodness and Godly-ness.Donate as much as you can.

No perfect being on this earth: says Seeta and Goda

Rama’s mistake

The earth should be peaceful. All of us should work for peace and avoid its turbulence. Living on earth provokes TamasaGuna, that is thick density of Ajnaana (Lack of knowledge) and Ajaadyam (laziness). To err is natural when on this earth. Jeeyar narrates a couple of stories of Raamaayana as examples of this Earth’s TaamasaGuna effect.  Hanuman witnesses how demons harass Seeta in custody of abductor Raavana. He seeks her permission to destroy the demons around her. Seeta says, these are servants who perform duties as per King’s mandate. There is no point in penalizing them.  They might have exceeded the mandate. Hanuma, did you not exceed mandate by burning the Lanka when your duty is simply to find me?  Then Hanuman questions Seeta, “Do you also say that Raama also exceeded?” She says “Yes. When Shoorpanakha approached him with desire, he should have simply said “I am on One-wife in one life Vrata”, but he advised her to propose to Lakshman, and both ridiculed her, this is the provocation for all these consequences”. Then Seeta also has repented for having desired for Golden Deer, which is unnatural and non-existent, and abusing Lakshman with unreasonable allegations. The earthly character makes all living beings to behave in excess.

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Abode and Avatara of Naaraayana

His first abode is Naaraayana Tatwam. Second abode is Ocean of Milk, where he is in Yoga Nidra (a thinking sleep) planning strategies to help good people, and places the foot, having symbols of Sankha, Ratha, Kalpaka, Dhwaja, Aravinda, Vajra, and Ankusha drawn on the ocean, to help us. He has four names: Vaasudeva, Aniruddha, Pradyumna, and Sankarshana. Everything is under His control- Vaasudeva, from which he brings out a form, i.e., Sankarshana. In this form, He enters Shiva and destroys the universe. He takes out another form – Aniruddha, enters Brahma and re-creates the Universe. Another form from Vaasudeva is Pradyumna, who gets into Indra and protects the creation. This is when he steps out from Aadishesha – which he uses as soft mattress, on the Ocean of Milk. Bhagavan descending from Vaikuntha in these forms is called Vibhavams. When Goda says ‘Paarkadalul” she means all this.

Let us reach that destination. Come let us all go to gain the permanent solvation from all these bonds of material world, says Goda.

Madabhushi Sridhar

Prof. M. Sridhar Acharyulu
Prof. M. Sridhar Acharyulu
Author is Dean, Professor of law at Mahindra University at Hyderabad and former Central Information Commissioner. He published a number books in English and Telugu.


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